Monday, 7 May 2012

Style Board

I think everyone has a difficult time labelling a certain style they have/are drawn too and that's why I think a style board is such a great tool to use when trying to figure out what items, celebrities or trends people naturally gravitate towards! The board came be simple. It can be just an ordinary bulletin board with cut outs of magazines, website photos, fabrics etc. or it can something like a notebook where you write down things you saw in stores or online (along with the price). I think by doing this and finding a common theme, colour, pattern these photos, individuals can at least have an easier time shopping for certain products! For example I have a best friend who has is very much into the "romantic/sweet" look while another one of my friends is a little bit more "edgy". That being said, the more "romantic" friend might be more interested in shops like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M while the other may be more into things like Hot Topic or for instance, certain areas of Forever 21. As for me personally, I have no idea what style I am. I seem to be drawn to different trends at different times, but for some reason I always come back to something graphic, street, edgy or just plain comfortable! Anyways, here is just my little take on a style board ! Happy shopping xo,

Photos from various websites, friends or tumblr.


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    1. nope, some are from various websites ie. Aritzia, club Monaco, some are my friend's photo and most are from tumblr or the internet :)

  2. Hi lovely,
    I totally love your selection of photos;)
    I just found your's so cute!!
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    I'm starting and I'm following now on Google Friends Connect:)
    I hope you like my blog too!
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  3. these are definitely eclectic. truth be told, i really don't know what my style is either. i wish someone can just point it out for me.

  4. great outfit!love the last skirt!

  5. You've got such good style chick! new follower ^^

  6. Nice pictures
    I love the black shoes!


  7. cuteee style. I'm addicted to anything from aritzia but it's so dang expensive:( I just got a wilfred dress that I love

    1. aha yeaah I know what you mean! workign there def gave me perks!

  8. love these inspiring photos/pinboards, they really work well! love the last outfit especially :)


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