Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wild Child

Happy Victoria's Day! I know I made an earlier post about my weekly tidbits but I completely forgot to wish everyone a very Happy Victoria's Day yesterday! In light of it all, my day was spent with one of my bestfriends, their boyfriend and their family in their neighbourhood park. We played frisbee, watched kids shoot noobish fireworks, swung on a very unstable swing, and ate an immense amount of food! It's been a while since I spent somewhat quality "family" time and going to the park for some physical activity was quite a nice change from shopping or going to the movies. Anyways, here's the outfit of the day and hopefully I'll be doing more in the future! xo

OOTD: 1. Aritzia "Talula" Graphic Wolf Tank/ 2. Aritzia "Wilfred" High-Waisted Linen Black Shorts/ 3. American Apparel Tribal Bandeau/ 4. Forever 21 Trbail Feather Necklace
Can you tell I'm obsessed with this tank?


  1. This is stunning and that necklace is totally eye-catching. Great post!


  2. Love this, the necklace looks amazing!

  3. Love everything especially the necklace and the graphic tee!


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