Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sunday Morning Pampering

Last Sunday was my first Sunday in which I haven't had work in like...5 years! Yup, I've been working for 5 years in various places (TD, Sobeys, Sporting Life, Starbucks, Metro and Aritzia to name a few) and yesterday was the first weekend ever I got off! (without booking it off or calling in sick) Needless to say, it was pretty amazing and I decided to take advantage of the situation by painting my nails! (I'm a wild child) Anyways, John and I went to Walmart and I decided to purchase a new nail polish colour and an all-in-one base covering for my nails (meaning no chip, scratches etc.) I finally picked a dark purple colour by Essie (since I usually just get red, black, white etc.) and I have to admit, I love the colour! It especially goes great with gold accessories (ex. rings, watches) The price for the nail polish, in my opinion, was definitely worth it. Essie usually goes for close to $10 but I like the coverage (you don't need to apply like 3 coats to get the true colour, thus saving you money in the long run). However, although the all-in-one base did make my nails feel stronger and shinier, it did not prevent chips and scratches from terrorizing my nails! Ahhh! Maybe I used it wrong. Anyways, if you want to purchase the nail polish, here are some of the pictures I took straight after putting it on! (Bare with my horrible smudges) Till next time, enjoy your day and take time to pamper yourself... you deserve it! xo,

Essie and it's all-in-one base
Colour name: Angora Cardi
Colour without flash
Colour with flash (it's a little darker)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Favourite Accessory

My newest and favourite obsession with collecting & wearing would definitely have to be scarves! They're so comfy and pretty much elevate most if not all outfits to the next level. Living in Toronto weather, not only makes them a necessity but also a..."want-a-ry" (yup I just made that word up). Here are just a few of my favourite pieces! Keep warm and have a wonderful day, xo

From left to right: white and light blue floral scarf, grey leopard scarf, red rustic scarf, blue rustic scarf...all can be bought from Aritzia!
Closer up view...aren't they pretty!?

My favourite of them all!

The reversible blue rustic one
These ones are really light...good for the spring

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy 21st Birthday Stephanie!

A couple days ago was one of my bestfriend's birthday and to celebrate we all decided to go out for dinner to grab a quick bite and then head over to a local bar for some good company and a good time. My boyfriend and I met up at his house and made our way down to Il Fornello, an Italian restaurant in Toronto's entertainment district, to greet the birthday girl and a bunch of our high school friends. Winterlicious was going on there (where a 3 course meal is offered at an amazing price!) but wondering if I'd be able to consume the mountain of options available to me, I opted for a "Cannelloni Formaggio" (a pasta filled with ricotta and spinach topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese). My boyfriend on the other hand, also got a pasta but decided to also share one of Il Fornello's famous oven's pizza with a friend. It was soooo good! I can't remember what the name was, but there's so many different opens to choose from that there's definitely something for everyone! Anyways, after that we decided to go to The Madison to meet up with more friends to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. I couldn't stay too long at that (I had tutoring in the morning) but it was such a joy to see everyone again! So cheers to the birthday girl, love you always Steph! :)

1. Zara Dark Washed Denim Jacket/ 2. Aritzia "Wilfred" Silk Tank/ 3. Urban Outfitters Maroon Cigarette Jeans/ 4. Aritzia Rustic Scarf/ 5. Aldo Suede Booties/ 6. Gold Michael Kors Watch

Cannelloni Formaggio...amazing! I highly recommend this!

Yummy pizza!

We actually kind of matched...just in reverse. You can't see his pants LOL:)

Kodak moment! Celebrating Adriel's missed birthday with some cake!

Happy birthday lovelies! <3 xo

Sunday, 22 January 2012

"Cozying" It Up!

Finally had the chance today to do some shopping at my store. Have you heard? Aritzia is 20-50%! Yup, it's true! Anyways, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity, seeing as some sale items are better than my discount and lucked on all these items. A mini splurge never hurt anyone!

1. Wilfred Free Wool Cardigan. XXS in Brown/Black Mix. Original price: $145; Sale price: $85
(I also bought a beanie hat in this exact print! But sadly, it's not letting me upload! Original Price: $60; Sale Price: $24.99)

2. Wilfred Free Pull Over Sweater. XXS in Charcoal. Original Price: $120; Sale Price: $59.99

3. Wilfred Free Sheer Top. XXS in Birch. Original Price: $50; Sale Price: $24.99

Friday, 13 January 2012

Dedicated to the One I Love, Hey!

So, I can't help but be in a good mood when I listen to this song. Basically puts me in the mood for some good loving! (Ew, no not what you're thinking) What I mean is that it puts a smile on my face because it always reminds me of my boyfriend. Oh, killing me softly and I'm still falling. Still the one I need, I will always be with you. 

So remember, be good to each other, love to the fullest and stay happy! Yup, Beyonce you got me hooked on this song, touche.


Happy 4 years+ & counting!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Year, New Change?

Hey everyone, happy new years! I can't believe we're already in 2012 and I'm going to turn 21 this year but I'm so excited for new and exciting adventures! Anyways here are some of my goals for the year, nothing fancy or special but things I'd like to keep in mind :) Enjoy!

- Read more (I can never seem to find the time to sit down and do this, but hopefully with less work this can be accomplished)
- Be more healthy aka actually go to yoga and the gym with my girls
- Take care of my skin (I guess this ties into eating healthier)
- Get a new haircut...OKAY I'm always really scared about having people touch my hair but OMG my hair is so dead, lifeless and gross that I need it cut! And for the new more Asian barbers! They make my hair so thin :( I need to find out how to style my hair...and make it thicker =.= 
- BE MORE POSITIVE <3 (something I think we can all benefit from:D)

Anyways, I haven't been on this lately, but just to recap how I celebrated the ending to 2011, here's some of the best moments with friends! (Although, I wish I had more with family)

Rover Calenders

Kris Kringle with high school friends :)

Snowboarding trip!