Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Pursuit of Inner Happiness

This post was originally supposed to be about my goals for the month of June but I quickly changed my mind in order to help me relax and collect my thoughts. So here is my where my jibberjabber has brought me:

Definition for happiness:

Web definitions:
state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
For people like Socrates, happiness was "the perfection of the soul. This meant that happiness consisted in an achievement, namely, making one's soul as good as possible.  Happiness is goodness, moral goodness." However, for others like Plato and Thomas Jefferson, happiness was not dependant on the self but rather on the good of the community. It was something selfless and constructed through the well-being of others. Take for the example the Declaration of Independence, a written promise of responsibility to our fellow man and to create a community of model citizens. So what does that mean for me personally? How do I define happiness? Well, I haven't quite figured that out yet. My boyfriend would probably describe my happiness as making sure "others were happy" at the price of my joy, while my parents might think otherwise (they probably attach my label of happiness with my credit card). Well in all honesty, I'm really not quite sure where I'd categorize my happiness so I'll guess I'll start with the things that made me happy today. I mean that's the easiest place to start, right?
  1. Waiting impatiently for a few of my friends at the subway station. I know, this really doesn't sound like a happy experience, but it was. I happened to get to the subway station a bit early (actually I was on time but emergencies and misunderstandings "held" up my friends) but looking back at the highlights of today, I couldn't be more grateful for those few sane moments alone. Sitting alone on that bench listening to the songs I just recently downloaded felt sooo incredibly good. No one knew me, no one bothered me, and I felt like I could be anyone at that moment (lame I know). The beauty of being a stranger never quite fascinated me until this very point. It was like I didn't assume any responsibility to anyone, like I was free of guilt, anger, annoyance, sadness. I was not the friend who was waiting for their best bud, the girl who felt left out and under appreciated, not even the girlfriend who felt somewhat rejected. I was just a person sitting at a subway station...I liked that.
  2. Finding a copy of "New Moon" (part of the Twilight series if you aren't aware of this) for half the price. Again, you're probably thinking "this girl get's crazier by the moment" but if you listen to my reasoning, you'd understand why. I own all the books in the Twilight series, minus this one. And although they are not the most educational books (I should make a post about why Twilight should not be taught in schools alongside Shakespeare hmmm) I can't help but feel happy, just reading. I never seem to notice when the hours fly by when I'm fully immersed into a good book. Today when I was extremely upset at trivial things, I couldn't help but telling my boyfriend through my tears"I just want to go home and read!" It's like everything is better when you read. Minutes become seconds and soon the day is gone and most likely, the pain with it. So, why am I happy to get this book? Simply because it's another excuse to read something...and also because I secretly wish Edward was my boyfriend (jokes John I know you're probably reading this haha)!
  3. The smell of dew. And no I'm not talking about that "wet dog" smell but rather that fresh spring smell. I don't have a long story for this, it's just comforting.
  4. Writing this post while listening to acoustic music. I'm actually surprised I can do this (it's always late into the night and I have work in the morning) but there is something so relaxing about writting/blogging. I'm such a private person at times, that it feels nice that I can blab about absolutely anything here. If you hang around with me long enough, I always seem to have a philosophy for everything (and if I don't I'll find one). I question a lot of things and always try to find the deeper meaning behind just about anything in life (sometimes that's my downfall and I really always wonder whether my boyfriend thinks I have a multiple personality disorder). And although this may seem weird, I feel that when I'm blogging I'm talking to the only person that may find me interesting and worth listening to (me, haha). But more than that, writing is just so good for my soul, I can feel it.
So that's about the end of my wandering thoughts, but I would like to leave you (or me, I'm not sure) a little note of advice. I was sitting down on the subway and looked up to see a poser that read,
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching." 
In other words, live life doing what makes you happy, find what makes you happy...because the unexamined life is truly not worth living.

Thought I'd share some of my happiness <3

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Patio Weather

It is seriously boiling today here in Toronto and I'm currently contemplating whether or not I should made the excruciating trip to summer school. It just so happens that my class in smack dab in the middle of two stations so both choices entail me to make at least a 10 minute walk...JOY. Anyways, not to make this weather look like a total downer, yesterday my boyfriend and I headed to Harbour Front to enjoy the sunshine for some dinner on the patio! We ate at this restaurant called Bar Milano and enjoyed the outside weather near the water side. Thoughts: Would I eat there again? Probably not considering the prices were high and the selections for food few, but the experience was quite lovely and a little bit of quality time never hurt anyone! We also made our way around local downtown, Chinatown and Kensington Market. I absolutely love how multicultural this city is! So here's hoping you're all enjoying the weather and all! xo

The best I could do for an OOTD. It was seriously boiling so I opted on choosing a baggy Zara leather pocket tee, Zara denim shorts and accessories to match! I have this thing for gold...(if you couldn't tell before)
They were selling these incense sticks at Kensington Market. Most I was familiar with and some not so much...although "lucky Lottery" smelt awfully nice!
Kensington Bread and Dessert Bakery...heaven!
Couldn't leave without taking a pictures of the cookies I grew up with!
Perfect day for boating...except I would probably crash straight into the dock -.-
My veal sandwich...not that great to be honest but worth the experience and time with my boyfriend!
John's spicy ass pizza...seriously I couldn't even take one bite without reaching for the water! I don't know how he finished it!
Goodnight T.O.!

Friday, 15 June 2012

20 Things I Should Have Known at 20

1. The world is trying to keep you stupid. From bank fees to interest rates to miracle diets, people who are not educated are easier to get money from and easier to lead. Educate yourself as much as possible for wealth, independence, and happiness.
2. Do not have faith in institutions to educate you. By the time they build the curriculum, it’s likely that the system is outdated– sometimes utterly broken. You both learn and get respect from people worth getting it from by leading and doing, not by following.
3. Read as much as you can. Learn to speed read with high retention. Emerson Spartz taught me this while I was at a Summit Series event. If he reads 2-3 books a week, you can read one.
4. Connect with everyone, all the time. Be genuine about it. Learn to find something you like in each person, and then speak to that thing.
5. Don’t waste time being shy. Shyness is the belief that your emotions should be the arbitrators of your decision making process when the opposite is actually true.
6. If you feel weird about something during a relationship, that’s usually what you end up breaking up over.
7. Have as much contact as possible with older people. Personally, I met people at Podcamps. My friend Greg, at the age of 13, met his first future employer sitting next to him on a plane. The reason this is so valuable is because people your age don’t usually have the decision-making ability to help you very much. Also they know almost everything you will learn later, so ask them.
8. Find people that are cooler than you and hang out with them too. This and the corollary are both important: “don’t attempt to be average inside your group. Continuously attempt to be cooler than them (by doing cooler things, being more laid back, accepting, ambitious, etc.).”
9. You will become more conservative over time. This is just a fact. Those you surround yourself with create a kind of “bubble” that pushes you to support the status quo. For this reason, you need to do your craziest stuff NOW. Later on, you’ll become too afraid. Trust me.
10. Reduce all expenses as much as possible. I mean it. This creates a safety net that will allow you to do the crazier shit I mentioned above.
11. Instead of getting status through objects (which provide only temporary boosts), do it through experiences. In other words, a trip to Paris is a better choice than a new wardrobe. Studies show this also boosts happiness.
12. While you are living on the cheap, solve the money problem. Use the internet, because it’s like a cool little machine that helps you do your bidding. If you are currently living paycheck to paycheck, extend that to three weeks instead of two. Then, as you get better, you can think a month ahead, then three months, then six, and finally a year ahead. (The goal is to get to a point where you are thinking 5 years ahead.)
13. Learn to program.
14. Get a six-pack (or get thin, whatever your goal is) while you are young. Your hormones are in a better place to help you do this at a younger age. Don’t waste this opportunity, trust me.
15. Learn to cook. This will make everything much easier and it turns food from a chore + expensive habit into a pleasant + frugal one. I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan, but whatever you like is fine.
16. Sleep well. This and cooking will help with the six pack. If you think “I can sleep when I’m dead” or “I have too much to do to sleep,” I have news for you: you are INEFFICIENT, and sleep deprivation isn’t helping.
17. Get a reminder app for everything. Do not trust your own brain for your memory. Do not trust it for what you “feel like” you should be doing. Trust only the reminder app. I use RE.minder and Action Method.
18. Choose something huge to do, as well as allowing the waves of opportunity to help you along. If you don’t set goals, some stuff may happen, but if you do choose, lots more will.
19. Get known for one thing. Spend like 5 years doing it instead of flopping around all over the place. If you want to shift afterwards, go ahead. Like I said, choose something.
20. Don’t try to “fix” anyone. Instead, look for someone who isn’t broken.

Written by: Julian Smith
Photos via tumblr

Sunday, 10 June 2012

All For The Best

So yesterday, my boyfriend and I headed downtown to the Eaton Centre to do some shopping for ourselves and loved ones. I was originally supposed to meet up with a seller yesterday for my Alexander McQueen Scarf but she ended up being a total and complete flop (kinda fishy). I have to admit, I was kind of upset but we soon realized my money could be better spent on a lot more smaller items. In reality, it was the price that first intrigued me about the scarf but after having some doubts, everything worked out in the end. I ended up getting two little rings that I thought were both unique and cute and I cannot wait to wear them! I will definitely have to get more silver jewellery pieces to match with my wolf ring but I don't mind! The one on the left is from Forever 21 and the one on the right is from Little Burgundy (I was really surprised at the pretty pieces they had). Anyways, have a lovely day readers, xo!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Brightside

Today was seriously one of the best days of this summer so far! If I thought yesterday was a great start to the week, this must be the best 2nd day of the week! So let's recap the ups and downs of the day...but yes definitely more ups!
  • Woke up not feeling the greatest (probably from walking in the rain yesterday after class)
  • Had to do a meetup to sell my Ray Bans from Kijiji a little bit too early for someone who wasn't in ace condition
  • Couldn't hit the gym up with the bestie AKA I'm getting chubby (not actually)
  • Paid off some of my visa and deposited a little bit of money in my bank account (thank you big brother)
  • ZARA sold out of the jacket I wanted but that's okay I can't really afford it now anyways LOL. But the sales associate advised me to e-mail head office and they could possibly bring it back. Great idea plus she was super nice!
  • Ended up doing 3 meetups today selling a few items and made $100! Boo yah!
  • Went to the library to get a new library card (clumsy me lost it) and the lady there said that someone had graciously returned it at the Dufferin location (yes I am a big book nerd). Can't wait to get it back plus I managed to save $2!
  • Had 3 random conversations with 3 lovely strangers. All were so sweet, asking for directions to places and then complimenting me in some way. My favourite was the old man in the elevator who talked to me about his grandchildren's overuse of their cellphones. He would definitely be interested in my post about "plugging out" haha
  • Got a 2nd interview scheduled at Steve Madden this Thursday at 1:30. Perfect timing because I'm broke!
  • The Bay finally phoned me and said that I can start my new job! I know this kind of falls in the middle of my ups and downs of the day because this means I have two job potentials but I consider this a big up because I wanted this job for like 2 months! They can only give me 4 hours next week but this is a guaranteed job. Now I have to decide if it's worth going to the Steve Madden interview!
  • Beautiful day out, did not end up raining and I might potentially get my Alexander McQueen scarf tomorrow for an even cheaper price/trade!
  • Currently have a stomach ache due to the huge and yummy dinner my mother cooked...but I'm not complaining :)
  • New in! Just when I thought my day was done, my mother got awesome news about her job! Ah, perfecto.
All in all a pretty awesome day. I realized that just because the day may start off bad, doesn't mean it's the start of a bad day! Keep positive, keep smiling and find your little brightside xo!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Stoked About Spikes

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a fabulous start to the week...because I know I am! My ASOS "Spike Stretch Bracelets" came in the mail today and I am totally in love with my new pieces! I actually ordered these a week and a half ago (when I had mulah) and this came at the perfect time (as I am completely broke). The box that came in the mail today was actually quite big and I couldn't fathom what I could have possibly ordered. But I guess that just shows the care ASOS puts in when delivering your items (now I have a bunch of bubble wrap and cardboard pieces in my living room LOL). Anyways, these came in super shiny, clean and in mint condition and I plan to keep it that way! To say the least, I am so excited to wear these! Also if you'd like to purchase these, I provided the link below to the website! Have a lovely week readers xo


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Is it just me or do you sometimes get that "guilty feeling" sense in your gut whenever you watch the Kardashians? Or really any other reality TV show that seems to showcase unrealistic drama, whining and annoying successes in the end? Well yeah, that's how I feel when watching the sometimes "mindless" show that is Keeping up with the Kardashians. In all honesty, I don't watch too much for the drama and family feuds but more for the KK's style and fashion. She's simple and cute and always on trend and adding Kanye into the mix definitely does not cramp her style.

Where to shop her style on a budget? Try places like BCBG, Zara, Club Monaco and Mango.

Another person people also don't naturally attract to is Miley Cyrus. Known for her young acting days on the family show "Hannah Montana" she's been attracting a lot of bad media attention after being accused of "growing up too fast." And while I despised hated that television show, I cannot deny that I do like her style. She always looks comfortable in whatever she wears and I can relate to her need to buy everything one size too big. She has that "roll out of bed look" every girl wishes to have, and while I look like a wreck case when I wake up in the morning, she pulls it off nicely (most likely thanks to her glam team!)

Where to shop her style? Try places like American Apparel, Aritzia, Forever 21, and Topshop. 

The last "guilty pleasure" fashion icon is Shenae Grimes. Again another Canadian actress whose television show I didn't necessarily gravitate towards at first. I could see it now. Another typical television show about "teenage night life" full of drunken parties, bad mistakes, possible pregnancies and unnecessary cat fights. Frankly, I could live without it. However, after watching her multiple times on Fashion Police (another mindless television show) I can honestly say I love her closet. She definitely has that edgy and grungy style that is fun yet unique. And I love how she likes to pair that edgy piece with a piece that is a bit more feminine when the occasion calls for it.

Want to shop her style? Try places like Urban Outfitters, Topshop, H&M and Vintage Stores/Thrift Stores.

So who's your "guilty pleasure" icon? Someone maybe you hate to watch, but would love to shop with!

Saturday, 2 June 2012


Hey guys I'm back with another weekend post! This time about the wishing I am dying for! It's incredibly hard not having a job and an income to live on. I thought that leaving Aritzia for good would solve my stress and worry..and it did...for a little while. But like any good professional shopoholic I soon found myself overwhelmed with things I wanted to buy but could never afford. Actually most of the things I have wrote about in the last few months have either been a gift or have been saved up from me selling my old clothes online (I feel like a pack rat). So why should today be any different? Here is what I am currently lusting for!

 1. Alexander McQueen Scarf- In all honesty, the only reason why I am contemplating this is because a friend of mine is selling it for only $150. It's such an amazing deal and it really does fit my style! I'm eyeing the black one!

2. Aritzia "Wilfred" Silk Harem Pants- I actually own something quite similar to this just not in silk. However, I bought them in a size 2 and now need them in a size 0. I think I want them in silk but I'm such a messy eater, I might be spending more money at the dry cleaners than I would expect. Ahhh, but they're just so comfy!

3. Aritzia "Wilfred" Chevalier Blazer with Satin Lapels- I only considered this after I saw a girl in the TTC wear it with cropped blue skinnies. It looked amazing! I know I wanted it in the nude colour, but after seeing how luxurious the black looks, I've changed my mind!

4. Zara Military Coat with Leather Sleeves- Kay, this is the one item I definitely know I've wanted for at least 3 months now. They sold out before but I heard them got a new stock in. Downfall? Over $100 and that's well...$100 more than what I have at the moment!

5. Aritzia "T.Babaton" Silk Blouse- Love this because its clean and simple and I think the perfect is so fitting for the spring.

6. Aritzia "Wilfred" Tamar Blazer- Adore this because of it's kimono-like sleeves. I feel like this could be dressed up or dressed down...and again the colour is just perfect!