Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Brightside

Today was seriously one of the best days of this summer so far! If I thought yesterday was a great start to the week, this must be the best 2nd day of the week! So let's recap the ups and downs of the day...but yes definitely more ups!
  • Woke up not feeling the greatest (probably from walking in the rain yesterday after class)
  • Had to do a meetup to sell my Ray Bans from Kijiji a little bit too early for someone who wasn't in ace condition
  • Couldn't hit the gym up with the bestie AKA I'm getting chubby (not actually)
  • Paid off some of my visa and deposited a little bit of money in my bank account (thank you big brother)
  • ZARA sold out of the jacket I wanted but that's okay I can't really afford it now anyways LOL. But the sales associate advised me to e-mail head office and they could possibly bring it back. Great idea plus she was super nice!
  • Ended up doing 3 meetups today selling a few items and made $100! Boo yah!
  • Went to the library to get a new library card (clumsy me lost it) and the lady there said that someone had graciously returned it at the Dufferin location (yes I am a big book nerd). Can't wait to get it back plus I managed to save $2!
  • Had 3 random conversations with 3 lovely strangers. All were so sweet, asking for directions to places and then complimenting me in some way. My favourite was the old man in the elevator who talked to me about his grandchildren's overuse of their cellphones. He would definitely be interested in my post about "plugging out" haha
  • Got a 2nd interview scheduled at Steve Madden this Thursday at 1:30. Perfect timing because I'm broke!
  • The Bay finally phoned me and said that I can start my new job! I know this kind of falls in the middle of my ups and downs of the day because this means I have two job potentials but I consider this a big up because I wanted this job for like 2 months! They can only give me 4 hours next week but this is a guaranteed job. Now I have to decide if it's worth going to the Steve Madden interview!
  • Beautiful day out, did not end up raining and I might potentially get my Alexander McQueen scarf tomorrow for an even cheaper price/trade!
  • Currently have a stomach ache due to the huge and yummy dinner my mother cooked...but I'm not complaining :)
  • New in! Just when I thought my day was done, my mother got awesome news about her job! Ah, perfecto.
All in all a pretty awesome day. I realized that just because the day may start off bad, doesn't mean it's the start of a bad day! Keep positive, keep smiling and find your little brightside xo!


  1. delicious!


  2. Waa! I wanna drink that coffee *slurp*
    Anyway, cool brightsides! B-)


  3. That's the most cute cookie I ever saw! Like it! X

  4. This post made me feel better after this awful day I had.. I guess I should start taking notes about my ups and downs too :)

    Thanks for inspiring me!


    1. aww that's so sweet <3 happy it helped!


  5. interesting post!


  6. Great photo, looks so delicious!xx


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