Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Forward

Hell week at UofT is finally here and I am currently preparing myself for the stress load ahead by none other! Ya, absolutely horrible considering I don't have a job and this purcahse racked up by visa bill but I just had to buy this outfit! I really don't have any pastels or "romantic" type clothing, and I figured a little change would be nice. I opted for these pastel pink pants (the texture is almost pleather like) and a polyester white top (looks like silk, eh?) I adore the gold details and I could also add a light blue blouse or a distressed denim shirt to kinda play off more on my style. Ugh, I can't wait until I get a job! Till then, hope you're all enjoying spring! xo

1. Zara Peach Coloured Pants/ 2. Zara White Cap Sleeved Top/ 3. Michael Kors Gold Watch

Gold details

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Puppy Love

The boyfriend and I bought her off a friend and I got to name her Cocoa! She's almost 2 months old now and half terrier and half poodle. She's a load of work but also joy and I can't wait to take care of her :) xo puppy love!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Weekly Tidbits & The Hunger Games

     My week has been pretty hectic (I always say this!) but I've managed to relax through some much needed social time with the boyfriend, friends and old co-workers. I got to see 21 Jump Street (which was pretty effing hilarious), eat a lot of sushi, go to new restaurants and might I add...I got to watch the HUNGER GAMES!!! (forwarding on with this rant from this point on).
     Wow, can I just say Josh Hutcherson totally delivered as a blonde! Not to mention Alexander Ludwig has the body of a god! All in all, the movie was pretty good (spoiler alert ahead) but sadly, did not meet my highly anticipated expectations. Why might you ask? Well, although the movie was over 2 hours long, I felt that they missed really important parts. I seriously did not feel that the other characters, beside Katniss, were developed enough to empathize and connect with them. In fact, I felt no emotional attachment watching them in their deaths (wow, cold hearted Michelle). But still, even Rue who has such a great significance in the book and as a reminder in later books, got about a 5 minute screen time with Katniss before she was killed off (I still teared up). And the whole cave scene with Peeta and Katniss was okay, but not great, as the temperature never rose above lukewarm (still, he is hot as a mothereff...yeah). I mean, the whole point of the "star crossed lovers" was to get people to sponsor them but in the book Katniss soon realizes she's fallen in love with the "boy with the bread." However, in this movie, I never really finds she battles with what she knows will keep them alive and what she feels in her heart. Additionally, throughout the other parts of the movie they missed so many puns and funny moments between them that I personally thought would have added to the chemistry between them. Despite that, the ending also didn't do much for me. The dogs are supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes (I thought this was kind of important seeing as it haunts her dreams in the next books) and Cato is supposed to die a long and grueling death to showcase the Capitol's sense of savage entertainment. Nope, none of that... along with Peeta's blood poisoning and new leg (actually, I'm happy to think he doesn't have one). I get it, they can't include it all, but I can't help but thinking it would have been nice. Anyways, there were some pretty amazing add ons in the movie like Senenca Crane's part as well as behind the scenes of how they made the arena. Also, Cato and Glimmer seemed to have a thing for each other which I thought was kind of cute. So will I see the movie again? Probably not. Will I buy the movie? You betcha! Happy Hunger Games readers, xo

Always at the Eaton Centre
On a date with the boyfriend at Kyoto House near Dundas. By this time, I was so sleepy but craving sushi!
This is all we could eat O.O Turns out we weren't that hungry!
Sushi at my friend's mom's restaurant...SERIOUSLY THE BEST SUSHI I EVER HAD!
Green Dragon A.K.A. my favourite :)
Causal style for late night dinners. The weather in Toronto has been beautiful!
OMG this place is amazing! It's located near Yonge and Dundas and serves soups, salads, bread, sandwiches, desserts and a lot of other healthy options. They're a bit pricey but it's actually sooooo worth it. For a small meal (see below) I was already full halfway through! Plus, they actually serve your food restaurant style, very convenient!
Creamy tomato soup (delicious!) with French baguette and a cheese and tomato panini.
Carla and I <3 Practically family since high school :)
Our really only decent photo
Worth the wait <3

Friday, 16 March 2012

OOTD & Purchase

Weather has been magnificent in Toronto and I am thoroughly taking advantage of the spring-like conditions by dressing lighter than I normally do. Yesterday was rainy however, but that didn't stop me from going to class and enjoying the rest of my day! If the weather calls for showers, put your hair in a side braid or up in a messy bun to help prevent wet gross sticky hair or simply wear a jacket with a hood. I did both as rainy days are not a new thing to me! Anyways, below is also a recent purchase I have been eyeing at Zara and finally decided to buy! (thank you vacation pay!) I love leather details and this would be the perfect little piece for summer/spring. Totally my style!
PS. One of the images is what I was supposed to wear tonight to go clubbing for one of my good friend's birthday, but seeming as I have an interview tomorrow I really don't think I'll have the energy to go. Not to mention my boyfriend really dislikes clubbing, so I guess if I was in his position I would want my partner to be understanding of that. Movie and a dinner should be good though :) Wishing all my friends the funnest of times at a great guy's birthday! xo

My side braid was really messy but you get the point :)
1. Aritzia "Talula" Army Jacket/ 2. Forever 21 Dark Denim Jeggings/ 3. H&M Animal Print Top/ 4. Michael  Kors Gold Watch/ 5. Aldo Black Combat Boots
Aritzia Bodycon Dress and Urban Outfitters Brown Oxford Heels
Zara Shirt! Bought in size small (sucks they don't have anything smaller) for around $35.90
Cant wait to wear this with ripped high-waisted jeans and a side braid

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Date A Guy Who Reads

There is something awfully alluring about the quality of a man sitting down on the subway being fully engulfed in a book. But the question is, why? I mean maybe it's because I'm a total book nerd myself and I feel a great euphoria with my nose in a text and the songs of Bob Marley playing on my iPod (yes I can do both), but I feel like there's something more than that. When I see a guy reading on the subway, waiting in line, in the local Starbucks I can't help but slyly tilt my head to try to decode the title of the book they are reading (of course by never being too obvious...shifty eyes!) and most importantly, how engaged they are with it. (You can tell someone is really engaged in a read when they fail to notice a complete stranger has been staring at them for the past 5 minutes...possibly even more, depending on how long the baristas takes with my drink). I guess in a way, seeing a guy who reads makes me think of them as being more "worldly" if that's even the right word for it. Reading basically transports you into another generation, and in an age of so many technological advancements where the media basically gives you everything you need to understand a story, a book instead encourages an individual to be creative, imaginative and full of emotion. Not only that, reading requires that an individual take time out of their day to fill their head with a new type of stimulation rather than just their alarm clock's ring in the early morning. A reader is someone who is patient, someone who is empathetic and someone I feel who cares about the power of knowledge and of being an autonomous member of society. Okay, maybe I'm going too far with this and I just simply enjoy the fact that I may actually be able to have something in common with another human being (being the awkward me), but I think I enjoy the idea that someone can offer me more with just an insight into what they are reading. Reading is something unique to an individual since everyone thinks in a different way and I think that the passing on of this experience and being able to relate to others is something so...unique and beautiful. Anyways, this is just a little rant, really caused by the sheer amount of people I saw this morning on the subway read on their commute to..who knows where! In no way am I ever going to strike up a conversation with these people (I am fully content with the fact my boyfriend loathes reading) but it is nice to feel a sense amongst my fellow text lovers. Till my next babble, happy reading xo

via Tumblr

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

So I haven't been on this in a while, simply because yes, yet again I am swamped with life at UofT! But finally, I've decided to wake up an extra hour before class just so that I can blog a few little things about my week (well actually I was supposed to finish up my essay...but like that's going to happen). So yeah, my week was pretty uneventful except for a few things here or there, but can I just say...the weather in Toronto is amazing! It literally went from sunny skies to flurries in a matter of a day but now it's nothing but sunshine for the rest of the week! So stoked! Anyways, over the week I also had the chance to read all 3 books to the Hunger Games as well. I literally could not put any of the books down and finished each and every single one in a one night sitting. *SPOILER ALERT* do not read on if you don't want to know what happens! Anyways, to make this short... I am extremely disappointed at how the series ended! Sadly, about every character I got attached to died, and the love triangle turns out to be...well nothing in the end! She doesn't make a decision between Gale or Peeta, but instead Gale just leaves her without a fight after he "supposedly" kills her sister. Still, where's the excitement in that? All that chasing over Katniss, and then NOTHING. Well, I can't complain though (yes, I can and I will) I did want her to end up with Peeta (maybe just because I have a minor thing for Josh Hutcherson) but still, the ending seemed forced and very...sad LOL. I get it, Collins was trying to show the affects of war on people and how really nothing can ever be the same after that, but c'mon even Twilight ended better that this (ew did I just say that?) Anyways, here's hoping that they tweek the ending to the series as they mostly do in Holloywood movies! LOL, but for now I cannot wait for The Hunger Games movie! It's by far the best book out of the 3 and I have very high expectations for it :) I hope I'm not wrong! :D Anyways below are a few pictures from my 56 months I spent with my boyfriend and my total hype for The Hunger Games! And yes, my boyfriend and I celebrate every month together, cheesy but I love it :)

California Rolls! Note to self: Sushi is only good at a Sushi Restaurant! (and this was not a Sushi Restaurant)
Ramen Noodles! Amazing! If you're ever in Toronto check our Ajisen Ramen on's so cute!
My bowl of pork ramen :)
Boyfriend's bowl of deep friend shrimp ramen! (He's trying not to eat meat all through lent....or rice LOL) 

Josh Hutcherson! Yeah, I know, he looks so young but !@$%^* me gusta.
If people turn this into a "Team Gale" or "Team Peeta" thing, I will personally have to knock people out. But for the record, I'm for the latter ;)
Via the denim over the cute little black dress! Note to self, I need black wedges!
I want to do this as a DIY! Seems straight forward enough, I just need to get the perfect shirt/tank :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Believe In Change

Worth watching. Please do if you have the time and spread the word. KONY 2012.

Just a Thought

March is finally here, and I seriously cannot wait for summer/spring! Pastel clothing, beautiful flowers, hot sunshine and no school! (except for the fact that I may have to do my internship over the course of 2 months but let's just pretend I didn't say that) Anyways, there's a bunch of things I think I want to do over my 4 month vacation and that starts with learning how to sew! To tell you the truth, I haven't actually used a sewing machine since I was like 8 (yeah, weird) because I was trying to sew together my favourite blanket to set aside in my memory box (where did that go? summer goal). Back to what I was saying, so yeah my mom sews a lot and she used to sew a bunch of things for me when I was younger. I really want to learn to make skirts, pants etc. on top of my DIY projects. Funny enough, this was actually suggested to me by my dad, which I guess is quite sweet. Anyways, I should be getting back to doing my essay so I'll leave you with just a few spring pieces I am dying to wear! (but cannot afford) xo!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Woe is Me, I'm so Woe

So, I've currently been on the hunt for something for my face, something that will give me the coverage I want and need. To give minor feedback on my face, I have a really oily T-zone and then dry skin everywhere else. I've also had acne and my face can react easily with certain ingredients so yeah, it's very hard for me to find something that doesn't clog my pores but can absorb excess oil! Ah, so I headed to Sephora (usually a "taboo" area for me just because my boyfriend likes "the natural look") in hopes to find something that suited my skin. Anyways here are some of the items I either bought or sampled...and to make a long story short...none of them worked for me!!! So please if you have the same skin type as me let me know what you use! I'm aware people usually use more than one type of make up to achieve that flawless look but I'm just looking for something that will absorb my oil, won't make me look cakey or "heavy" and just cover some redness on my cheeks. Also, know any good moisturiser? Thanks ladies, happy shopping! xo,

HD Make UP Forever Foundation- This foundation was actually alright but I found it oxidized on my face really easily. It provided me with low-medium cover (which is actually what I want) but I didn't like the feel of it on my face. Also, the girl who put this on my face I think used a ligher colour than what I normally am and in some lightings, I looked really pasty! Not what I was hoping for it. However the finishing translucent powder made by the same brand felt sooooo nice over this foundation. It made your skin literally feel like a baby's bottom! All in all, I give this product a 7/10 (aha look at me trying to be a professional) but it just wasn't what I wanted.
Sephora Mineral Compact Foundation- I actually bought this because when the lady put in on my face it felt wonderful! Medium coverage and pretty inexpensive (for Sephora). However, packaging sucked (you have to flip the make up over to get the sponge) and all in all, it did not help at all with my oil problem. I also found you had to re-apply this constantly throughout the day which inevitably made you look cakey.  So I give this...6.5/10 (I like this is all done in one step). *Sigh* Now tomorrow involves dragging the boyfriend downtown to return this. JOY!
Josie Maran Matchmaking Foundation- LOL don't even get me started on this. This is supposed to "magically" transform to fit your skin colour. I guess this could work...if you're orange or pasty white! Unfortunately not for a tan Filipino/Hispanic. 5/10 because the feeling of this is AMAZING but I don't want to look like an umpa-lumpa. 

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation- I'm using this right now and it's actually pretty ok. I don't like the finish of it though so I use the Maybelline one below to finish off the look and absorb excess oil. I like it but I don't love it and it can get really messy. 7.5/10

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder- Amazing at absorbing oil, but not the best coverage. Also the "darkest" colour is a little light for my skin. This is probably one of the best finishing products though! 7.5/10 as it is. 
Anyways, to end off this kind of sad post LOL here's my style inspiration in the form of one of my favourite youtubers! I really want to try studding my own denim jackets and she did an amazing job! She also has a blog (which she lists on her youtube) so I would definitely recommend checking her out!