Saturday, 24 March 2012

Weekly Tidbits & The Hunger Games

     My week has been pretty hectic (I always say this!) but I've managed to relax through some much needed social time with the boyfriend, friends and old co-workers. I got to see 21 Jump Street (which was pretty effing hilarious), eat a lot of sushi, go to new restaurants and might I add...I got to watch the HUNGER GAMES!!! (forwarding on with this rant from this point on).
     Wow, can I just say Josh Hutcherson totally delivered as a blonde! Not to mention Alexander Ludwig has the body of a god! All in all, the movie was pretty good (spoiler alert ahead) but sadly, did not meet my highly anticipated expectations. Why might you ask? Well, although the movie was over 2 hours long, I felt that they missed really important parts. I seriously did not feel that the other characters, beside Katniss, were developed enough to empathize and connect with them. In fact, I felt no emotional attachment watching them in their deaths (wow, cold hearted Michelle). But still, even Rue who has such a great significance in the book and as a reminder in later books, got about a 5 minute screen time with Katniss before she was killed off (I still teared up). And the whole cave scene with Peeta and Katniss was okay, but not great, as the temperature never rose above lukewarm (still, he is hot as a mothereff...yeah). I mean, the whole point of the "star crossed lovers" was to get people to sponsor them but in the book Katniss soon realizes she's fallen in love with the "boy with the bread." However, in this movie, I never really finds she battles with what she knows will keep them alive and what she feels in her heart. Additionally, throughout the other parts of the movie they missed so many puns and funny moments between them that I personally thought would have added to the chemistry between them. Despite that, the ending also didn't do much for me. The dogs are supposed to have the eyes of the dead tributes (I thought this was kind of important seeing as it haunts her dreams in the next books) and Cato is supposed to die a long and grueling death to showcase the Capitol's sense of savage entertainment. Nope, none of that... along with Peeta's blood poisoning and new leg (actually, I'm happy to think he doesn't have one). I get it, they can't include it all, but I can't help but thinking it would have been nice. Anyways, there were some pretty amazing add ons in the movie like Senenca Crane's part as well as behind the scenes of how they made the arena. Also, Cato and Glimmer seemed to have a thing for each other which I thought was kind of cute. So will I see the movie again? Probably not. Will I buy the movie? You betcha! Happy Hunger Games readers, xo

Always at the Eaton Centre
On a date with the boyfriend at Kyoto House near Dundas. By this time, I was so sleepy but craving sushi!
This is all we could eat O.O Turns out we weren't that hungry!
Sushi at my friend's mom's restaurant...SERIOUSLY THE BEST SUSHI I EVER HAD!
Green Dragon A.K.A. my favourite :)
Causal style for late night dinners. The weather in Toronto has been beautiful!
OMG this place is amazing! It's located near Yonge and Dundas and serves soups, salads, bread, sandwiches, desserts and a lot of other healthy options. They're a bit pricey but it's actually sooooo worth it. For a small meal (see below) I was already full halfway through! Plus, they actually serve your food restaurant style, very convenient!
Creamy tomato soup (delicious!) with French baguette and a cheese and tomato panini.
Carla and I <3 Practically family since high school :)
Our really only decent photo
Worth the wait <3

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