Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Forward

Hell week at UofT is finally here and I am currently preparing myself for the stress load ahead by none other! Ya, absolutely horrible considering I don't have a job and this purcahse racked up by visa bill but I just had to buy this outfit! I really don't have any pastels or "romantic" type clothing, and I figured a little change would be nice. I opted for these pastel pink pants (the texture is almost pleather like) and a polyester white top (looks like silk, eh?) I adore the gold details and I could also add a light blue blouse or a distressed denim shirt to kinda play off more on my style. Ugh, I can't wait until I get a job! Till then, hope you're all enjoying spring! xo

1. Zara Peach Coloured Pants/ 2. Zara White Cap Sleeved Top/ 3. Michael Kors Gold Watch

Gold details


  1. I'm stealing this outfit! The "romantic" look is all I ever really wear anyway. LOVE <3


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