Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Date A Guy Who Reads

There is something awfully alluring about the quality of a man sitting down on the subway being fully engulfed in a book. But the question is, why? I mean maybe it's because I'm a total book nerd myself and I feel a great euphoria with my nose in a text and the songs of Bob Marley playing on my iPod (yes I can do both), but I feel like there's something more than that. When I see a guy reading on the subway, waiting in line, in the local Starbucks I can't help but slyly tilt my head to try to decode the title of the book they are reading (of course by never being too obvious...shifty eyes!) and most importantly, how engaged they are with it. (You can tell someone is really engaged in a read when they fail to notice a complete stranger has been staring at them for the past 5 minutes...possibly even more, depending on how long the baristas takes with my drink). I guess in a way, seeing a guy who reads makes me think of them as being more "worldly" if that's even the right word for it. Reading basically transports you into another generation, and in an age of so many technological advancements where the media basically gives you everything you need to understand a story, a book instead encourages an individual to be creative, imaginative and full of emotion. Not only that, reading requires that an individual take time out of their day to fill their head with a new type of stimulation rather than just their alarm clock's ring in the early morning. A reader is someone who is patient, someone who is empathetic and someone I feel who cares about the power of knowledge and of being an autonomous member of society. Okay, maybe I'm going too far with this and I just simply enjoy the fact that I may actually be able to have something in common with another human being (being the awkward me), but I think I enjoy the idea that someone can offer me more with just an insight into what they are reading. Reading is something unique to an individual since everyone thinks in a different way and I think that the passing on of this experience and being able to relate to others is something so...unique and beautiful. Anyways, this is just a little rant, really caused by the sheer amount of people I saw this morning on the subway read on their commute to..who knows where! In no way am I ever going to strike up a conversation with these people (I am fully content with the fact my boyfriend loathes reading) but it is nice to feel a sense amongst my fellow text lovers. Till my next babble, happy reading xo

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  1. YES, I agree with everything in this post! :) Book lovers, unite!



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