Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

So I haven't been on this in a while, simply because yes, yet again I am swamped with life at UofT! But finally, I've decided to wake up an extra hour before class just so that I can blog a few little things about my week (well actually I was supposed to finish up my essay...but like that's going to happen). So yeah, my week was pretty uneventful except for a few things here or there, but can I just say...the weather in Toronto is amazing! It literally went from sunny skies to flurries in a matter of a day but now it's nothing but sunshine for the rest of the week! So stoked! Anyways, over the week I also had the chance to read all 3 books to the Hunger Games as well. I literally could not put any of the books down and finished each and every single one in a one night sitting. *SPOILER ALERT* do not read on if you don't want to know what happens! Anyways, to make this short... I am extremely disappointed at how the series ended! Sadly, about every character I got attached to died, and the love triangle turns out to be...well nothing in the end! She doesn't make a decision between Gale or Peeta, but instead Gale just leaves her without a fight after he "supposedly" kills her sister. Still, where's the excitement in that? All that chasing over Katniss, and then NOTHING. Well, I can't complain though (yes, I can and I will) I did want her to end up with Peeta (maybe just because I have a minor thing for Josh Hutcherson) but still, the ending seemed forced and very...sad LOL. I get it, Collins was trying to show the affects of war on people and how really nothing can ever be the same after that, but c'mon even Twilight ended better that this (ew did I just say that?) Anyways, here's hoping that they tweek the ending to the series as they mostly do in Holloywood movies! LOL, but for now I cannot wait for The Hunger Games movie! It's by far the best book out of the 3 and I have very high expectations for it :) I hope I'm not wrong! :D Anyways below are a few pictures from my 56 months I spent with my boyfriend and my total hype for The Hunger Games! And yes, my boyfriend and I celebrate every month together, cheesy but I love it :)

California Rolls! Note to self: Sushi is only good at a Sushi Restaurant! (and this was not a Sushi Restaurant)
Ramen Noodles! Amazing! If you're ever in Toronto check our Ajisen Ramen on's so cute!
My bowl of pork ramen :)
Boyfriend's bowl of deep friend shrimp ramen! (He's trying not to eat meat all through lent....or rice LOL) 

Josh Hutcherson! Yeah, I know, he looks so young but !@$%^* me gusta.
If people turn this into a "Team Gale" or "Team Peeta" thing, I will personally have to knock people out. But for the record, I'm for the latter ;)
Via the denim over the cute little black dress! Note to self, I need black wedges!
I want to do this as a DIY! Seems straight forward enough, I just need to get the perfect shirt/tank :)


  1. i find that whenever a book series is ending the last book ends terribly! as much as i love harry potter,i felt that jk rowling was so rushed at the end. like she was just trying to meet a deadline. i felt the same way with susanne collins too ><;

    i've always been a katniss & peeta shipper. never cared for gale. lol

    i hope the ending in the movies are much better!

  2. THANK YOU! I totally agree :) Eeep, I cannot wait :D


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