Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Ending to a Great Week

Reading week has come and go and with that I believe my sanity as well. Hopefully I can still blog frequently but it obviously won't be as much as I have this week. Anyways, here are just some of the highlights of my fab back to reality! *game face* leggo! (...I hate that word)

Style Icon via Tumblr. Love the contrast with the gold cuffs
Love animal print shirts/galaxy shirts and slouchy beanies :) I wish I had her legs!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shopping Splurge

So I finally had the items (and the time) to upload my little haul! I bought these items a while ago but I never really got to blog about them because I can't stand really short posts (being the picky me). Anywho, here are some items that have now found a new home in my little closet of goodies :) Happy shopping!

Aritzia "Wilfred" White/Birch Kimono- OMG I'm totally in looooveee with this kimono! It's so crisp and clean looking, oversized and comfy! If you're anything like me, I hate showing my arms off in the summer (I think I mentioned this before). And that's why sheer and light fabrics like silk are the perfect layering piece! Eeeep, cannot wait for summer!
Sorry, lack of steaming.

This is another way you can wear the kimono which I love! (similar to how I styled the black one in my previous posts)
Finally, I have gotten my leather jacket! Side note: It was nice dropping at my old work on Friday and seeing a few of my lovely co-workers that I couldn't say bye to. Ah, pure bliss. 
*drum roll*
The inside
Love it opened
Front view
My new love. This is the Mackage in the "Kenya" style which can only be bought exclusively at Aritzia! Love the  motorcycle look, def my style.
Urban Outfitters Kimono. Seen in previous posts, this was on sale for $29.99. Amazing!
Close up
Aritzia "Wilfred Free" Poncho. Again already seen! But I love love love it! ( it)
1. Rag N Bone Teal/Green Jean & 2. Urban Outfitters Maroon (looks red due to my cruddy cam) High Waisted Jeggings
 Coloured denim! So I finnnaaaally broke down and got me some coloured denim :) I've always wanted a few pairs but I wanted ones that would last long and have a hue I would not get sick of after 2 weeks (pretty typical of me). Anyways I opted for these ones and I could not be happier!
Aritzia "Community" Black Knitted Sweater- was not the best buy. I needed more black tops in my wardrobe so I decided to get this before I left but there's already a hole in it! Arghhhh, such an impulse buy but I'll fix it :)

Style Inspiration. Military Vests! I want one in a greyish/blue! It would look so great with white jeans and a coloured top :) Photo taken from Aritzia's Instagram 

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Box in the Mail

Sorry for the lack of a creative title, I'm currently extremely tired and just laying back while blogging this. Anyways, a couple days ago, my little box of joy (ouu, clever but I doubt I'll still change the title) AKA my Loose Button came in the mail. Yay, perfect timing! So far I am having a stress free and relaxed reading week and I guess this was a just little perk to add to that happiness. Was the box as big as it was before? No. Did it have as much stuff? Definitely not. But did I enjoy seeing something with my name on it? Hell yeah! So here it is, my little Loose Button :) If you have any questions about how to sign up etc. leave a comment or send a message! PS. I should be doing my haul this weekend because I'm picking up a few things I ordered from Aritzia tomorrow :) Enjoy! PPS. I wish my camera did not suck arse.

(via Tumblr) So obviously I did not get this in my Loose Button, but I think after every post I'll start doing a "Style Inspiration Piece" y'know an outfit, accessory or style muse that I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. So since today was so nice outside (it was like 6 degrees which is pretty warm for Toronto winter) I thought this summer ensemble would be pretty sweet :) I have a thing for coloured bottoms and denim...and now I want white converse! Eeep cannot wait for the summer xo!
A red box for the month of February. Only fitting!
Ouu, for me!
1. Cargo Mascara Sample- I'm actually using this atm, and it works pretty well (definitely better than my Maybelline one).  However, it's not waterproof. Am I jumping out of my seat for this product? Naaaaw.
2. Lise Watier Lip Gloss- Tastes like watermelon (LOL I have a tendency to lick my lips) and it just adds a nice shine to the lips. Quite nice :)
3. Chi Silk Infusion Treatment- Kay this is supposed to make your hair silky and protect it from heat damage but it smells so much like a man's cologne I cannot stand it! My hair did fall better but UGH I hate the smell. Kind of 50-50 on this one.
4. OPI Lotion- Not big on the vanilla scent, so yeah.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Currently Lusting For

So after quitting my job, for some reason every jewellery store makes me want to buy their stuff! Yup, I think it's just physiological me wanting something I clearly cannot have due to my broke pockets. Well a girl can dream right? Hopefully some sort of payment comes in the mail or a rich millionaire drops a few G on the ground? Even a couple hundred? I'd kill for a $20. Haha, anyways back to the subject of the matter, here are just a few things I would definitely love to add to my jewellery collection! If you know where to get any of them (for cheap hopefully) or have any other suggestions, let me know I'd love to hear them! xo,

Gold Chokers
House of Harlow Necklace
A pair of Gold Cuffs
Funky bracelets like this :)
Stud Bracelets
ASOS Portfolio Clutch (not sure what colour though)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion Icons

 So I was thinking about doing a post about who I considered my fashion icon(s), but in reality, my sense of style is highly based on what I see in stores, on the computer, on the streets and pretty much everything around me. I definitely do not consider myself a "fashionable" kind of person, but more of a "fashion enthusiast" and well...pretty much a girl who likes clothes! So I guess here are a few of my inspirations and little mirrors of my own person style. Enjoy :)

Kourtney Kardasian. I really like her sense of style, but mainly her "dressed down looks" like when she's hanging around town with Mason. I don't think I'd wear her more "fancy" outfits, but her more casual looks and her blend of colours and patterns are always really interesting!
Lauren Conrad. I know she's a complete 180 from the Kardashians but I like that her style is simple and romantic. She's a definite summer style inspiration and I'd pretty much wear all her stuff.
The Olsen Twins. Love their "grungy" street style. They're so edgy and fashion forward...even when they're just grocery shopping!
Marianna. She was the first fashion blogger I followed, and I absolutely adore her sense of style. She always looks so put together and on trend.

 And below are just a few other fashion inspirations I found via tumblr, internet etc. I love denim and oversized sweaters and gold is my favourite accessory! Note to self, I need more maxi skirts. What's your fav? xo,