Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion Icons

 So I was thinking about doing a post about who I considered my fashion icon(s), but in reality, my sense of style is highly based on what I see in stores, on the computer, on the streets and pretty much everything around me. I definitely do not consider myself a "fashionable" kind of person, but more of a "fashion enthusiast" and well...pretty much a girl who likes clothes! So I guess here are a few of my inspirations and little mirrors of my own person style. Enjoy :)

Kourtney Kardasian. I really like her sense of style, but mainly her "dressed down looks" like when she's hanging around town with Mason. I don't think I'd wear her more "fancy" outfits, but her more casual looks and her blend of colours and patterns are always really interesting!
Lauren Conrad. I know she's a complete 180 from the Kardashians but I like that her style is simple and romantic. She's a definite summer style inspiration and I'd pretty much wear all her stuff.
The Olsen Twins. Love their "grungy" street style. They're so edgy and fashion forward...even when they're just grocery shopping!
Marianna. She was the first fashion blogger I followed, and I absolutely adore her sense of style. She always looks so put together and on trend.

 And below are just a few other fashion inspirations I found via tumblr, internet etc. I love denim and oversized sweaters and gold is my favourite accessory! Note to self, I need more maxi skirts. What's your fav? xo,


  1. Hey hun thanks for stoping by my blog, I gotta say I love all these fashionistas myself. Love Kourtney and the Olsens, they have mad fashion skills! :)


  2. i love kourtney's fashion style. Great blog. follow back. :)


  3. Lauren Conrad is definitely one of my inspirations! I love how she gives advice on her own blog too!

  4. Hey ladies! Glad to see such wonderful people have the same taste in clothes as me! xo,

  5. i love your blog!:) let's follow each other;s blog?

    xoxo, Angela ♥


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