Thursday, 2 February 2012

Loosen My Buttons

If you're anything like me, I absolutely looooveeeee getting things in the mail! (Yes, I even get excited when my visa bills come in) It's just that little burst of excitement when you sift through your mother's daily subscription to some gospel channel and your brother's over due gym bill and find your name (yes you!) on the front of an envelope! (I'm smiling just thinking about this) Anyways, yesterday was no exception when my Loose Button Beauty Box came in the mail. For Christmas one of my bestfriends "bought" me a subscription to Loose Button for 3 months and said it was like the cutest thing ever. Ch'yea it totally was. Anyways, here's just a look at a few pretty little things I got. Yay me!

Zee box! 
Package of goodies
1. Pur Minerals Powder- They gave me "Golden Medium" which sounds right (I am asian AKA yellow and slightly tanned...but it's way too light!) I actually bought this brand before and didn't like it. I know it's "supposed" to have a natural finish...but I actually find it cakey and pastey looking. I don't even wear a lot of make-up! What about you?
2. Chi Sample
3. Olay Wrinkle Cream- yeah...gave this to my mom LOL
Sample perfumes! My favourite one would have to be the Nina Ricci one!
1. Coffee Beans- yeah, I like coffee but too lazy to make it LOL
2. Shaver- good cause I need a new one and apparently this one is the bomb!
3. Lotion Sample- smells nice!

And that's all folks!
1. Zara Denim Shirt/ 2. Aritzia "Talula" White Bustier/ 3. Zara Army Green Harem Pants/ 4. ASOS Tortoise Watch/ 5. Aldo Snake Ring

Oh and here's a completely irrelevant outfit I wore on that day! I know this looks extremely comparable to the one I wore below (to my friend's Stephanie's birthday) but I wanted to make it can wear some of the exact same pieces but switch it up a little to make a new outfit! Most of us do not have the excess mulah to go and buy new items every day of our lives so it's always good to re-use some of the items you wore that week just with a different bottom, shoes etc. Just make sure they're still nice and clean! P.S. I don't recommend re-using the same top for more than twice a week...that's just the hygienic side of me talking... Anyhoo, ciao!

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