Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sunday Morning Pampering

Last Sunday was my first Sunday in which I haven't had work in like...5 years! Yup, I've been working for 5 years in various places (TD, Sobeys, Sporting Life, Starbucks, Metro and Aritzia to name a few) and yesterday was the first weekend ever I got off! (without booking it off or calling in sick) Needless to say, it was pretty amazing and I decided to take advantage of the situation by painting my nails! (I'm a wild child) Anyways, John and I went to Walmart and I decided to purchase a new nail polish colour and an all-in-one base covering for my nails (meaning no chip, scratches etc.) I finally picked a dark purple colour by Essie (since I usually just get red, black, white etc.) and I have to admit, I love the colour! It especially goes great with gold accessories (ex. rings, watches) The price for the nail polish, in my opinion, was definitely worth it. Essie usually goes for close to $10 but I like the coverage (you don't need to apply like 3 coats to get the true colour, thus saving you money in the long run). However, although the all-in-one base did make my nails feel stronger and shinier, it did not prevent chips and scratches from terrorizing my nails! Ahhh! Maybe I used it wrong. Anyways, if you want to purchase the nail polish, here are some of the pictures I took straight after putting it on! (Bare with my horrible smudges) Till next time, enjoy your day and take time to pamper yourself... you deserve it! xo,

Essie and it's all-in-one base
Colour name: Angora Cardi
Colour without flash
Colour with flash (it's a little darker)

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