Sunday, 22 January 2012

"Cozying" It Up!

Finally had the chance today to do some shopping at my store. Have you heard? Aritzia is 20-50%! Yup, it's true! Anyways, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity, seeing as some sale items are better than my discount and lucked on all these items. A mini splurge never hurt anyone!

1. Wilfred Free Wool Cardigan. XXS in Brown/Black Mix. Original price: $145; Sale price: $85
(I also bought a beanie hat in this exact print! But sadly, it's not letting me upload! Original Price: $60; Sale Price: $24.99)

2. Wilfred Free Pull Over Sweater. XXS in Charcoal. Original Price: $120; Sale Price: $59.99

3. Wilfred Free Sheer Top. XXS in Birch. Original Price: $50; Sale Price: $24.99


  1. Hey just came upon your blog and love your hauls! Do you know if any other beanies, touques or scarves on sale? If so, for how much right now? Thanks :)

  2. Hey hunn, thanks so much :D! And yes there are so many other ones! Some are just a few dollars off (like $2-$4 the TNA ones) but the more expensive ones like T.B. are close to 50%! They're more pricey but definitely worth it. Rustic scarves(like in my other post above) are also on sale :D! I would check it out xo

  3. Hey! Thanks for the quick reply! I am actually interested in the particular one you're wearing in your new post except in the lighter color. I notice however online it doesn't show if it's on sale? I called for the Tapestry one the other day and found out it was completely sold out. How much is this particular one right now? Thanks again, really appreciate it!

  4. hm, well last week it was on sale I believe for $10-$15 (sorry my memory isn't the best hehe) but the thing with Aritzia is that over the weeks, less things become on sale...but the things that are on sale, get better! Unfortunately my store was sold out of the light one (was really thinking of getting that one too) but if you find the style number on the website, they can always order one for you! Anyways, sorry can't be much help since I'm not sure if they're still on sale... but they're so worth the price! xo

  5. Hi! Would you be interested in selling your wilfred cardigan?


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