Friday, 3 February 2012

Too Much Baggage

Hey dolls, today I am faced with a dilemma of fashion vs. practicality. 2 days ago my bestfriend and I went into Holts and I immediately gravitated towards this bag. I actually wanted this in black before, but since I already got a Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag in black with gold hardware, I thought brown in this MK bag would be perfect for the spring/summer! Now, I happen to need a new school bag and I would never for the life of me, use this pretty bag for it. And that's what leads me to my next choice- a black longchamp bag. Yup I know, pretty standard and ordinary and you pretty much see everyone at UofT with one, but everyone has told me that they're just so..handy! Yup, and I do need a bag for my gym clothes, beach stuff etc. and if I ever need a carry-on for travelling (which will probably not be for a while). So yeah, which to choose? Ah, this is way too much baggage.

I love gold hardware
MK bag worn, so chic
Standard, basic, low-maintenance, big and useful!

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