Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Currently Lusting For

So after quitting my job, for some reason every jewellery store makes me want to buy their stuff! Yup, I think it's just physiological me wanting something I clearly cannot have due to my broke pockets. Well a girl can dream right? Hopefully some sort of payment comes in the mail or a rich millionaire drops a few G on the ground? Even a couple hundred? I'd kill for a $20. Haha, anyways back to the subject of the matter, here are just a few things I would definitely love to add to my jewellery collection! If you know where to get any of them (for cheap hopefully) or have any other suggestions, let me know I'd love to hear them! xo,

Gold Chokers
House of Harlow Necklace
A pair of Gold Cuffs
Funky bracelets like this :)
Stud Bracelets
ASOS Portfolio Clutch (not sure what colour though)


  1. omg I'm totally lusting for that houase of harlow necklace as well!

  2. eeeep, I can't wait to get one :) Although I think I'm too broke to afford LOL


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