Thursday, 23 February 2012

Box in the Mail

Sorry for the lack of a creative title, I'm currently extremely tired and just laying back while blogging this. Anyways, a couple days ago, my little box of joy (ouu, clever but I doubt I'll still change the title) AKA my Loose Button came in the mail. Yay, perfect timing! So far I am having a stress free and relaxed reading week and I guess this was a just little perk to add to that happiness. Was the box as big as it was before? No. Did it have as much stuff? Definitely not. But did I enjoy seeing something with my name on it? Hell yeah! So here it is, my little Loose Button :) If you have any questions about how to sign up etc. leave a comment or send a message! PS. I should be doing my haul this weekend because I'm picking up a few things I ordered from Aritzia tomorrow :) Enjoy! PPS. I wish my camera did not suck arse.

(via Tumblr) So obviously I did not get this in my Loose Button, but I think after every post I'll start doing a "Style Inspiration Piece" y'know an outfit, accessory or style muse that I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe. So since today was so nice outside (it was like 6 degrees which is pretty warm for Toronto winter) I thought this summer ensemble would be pretty sweet :) I have a thing for coloured bottoms and denim...and now I want white converse! Eeep cannot wait for the summer xo!
A red box for the month of February. Only fitting!
Ouu, for me!
1. Cargo Mascara Sample- I'm actually using this atm, and it works pretty well (definitely better than my Maybelline one).  However, it's not waterproof. Am I jumping out of my seat for this product? Naaaaw.
2. Lise Watier Lip Gloss- Tastes like watermelon (LOL I have a tendency to lick my lips) and it just adds a nice shine to the lips. Quite nice :)
3. Chi Silk Infusion Treatment- Kay this is supposed to make your hair silky and protect it from heat damage but it smells so much like a man's cologne I cannot stand it! My hair did fall better but UGH I hate the smell. Kind of 50-50 on this one.
4. OPI Lotion- Not big on the vanilla scent, so yeah.


  1. I LOVE the first outfit, converse are just so cool and comfortable :) cute post xx

  2. I love the outfit! The top is too cool! Now following :)

  3. Thank you ladies, I know its like one of the best summer outfits! Simple and easy <3

  4. The first outfit is so simple but yet casual to wear
    on a summer's day. I love it

  5. Love those red shorts! Where are they from?

  6. It's actually a photo via tumblr :) But I think you can find em at Urban Outfitters or somewhere like Topshop :)


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