Thursday, 1 March 2012

Woe is Me, I'm so Woe

So, I've currently been on the hunt for something for my face, something that will give me the coverage I want and need. To give minor feedback on my face, I have a really oily T-zone and then dry skin everywhere else. I've also had acne and my face can react easily with certain ingredients so yeah, it's very hard for me to find something that doesn't clog my pores but can absorb excess oil! Ah, so I headed to Sephora (usually a "taboo" area for me just because my boyfriend likes "the natural look") in hopes to find something that suited my skin. Anyways here are some of the items I either bought or sampled...and to make a long story short...none of them worked for me!!! So please if you have the same skin type as me let me know what you use! I'm aware people usually use more than one type of make up to achieve that flawless look but I'm just looking for something that will absorb my oil, won't make me look cakey or "heavy" and just cover some redness on my cheeks. Also, know any good moisturiser? Thanks ladies, happy shopping! xo,

HD Make UP Forever Foundation- This foundation was actually alright but I found it oxidized on my face really easily. It provided me with low-medium cover (which is actually what I want) but I didn't like the feel of it on my face. Also, the girl who put this on my face I think used a ligher colour than what I normally am and in some lightings, I looked really pasty! Not what I was hoping for it. However the finishing translucent powder made by the same brand felt sooooo nice over this foundation. It made your skin literally feel like a baby's bottom! All in all, I give this product a 7/10 (aha look at me trying to be a professional) but it just wasn't what I wanted.
Sephora Mineral Compact Foundation- I actually bought this because when the lady put in on my face it felt wonderful! Medium coverage and pretty inexpensive (for Sephora). However, packaging sucked (you have to flip the make up over to get the sponge) and all in all, it did not help at all with my oil problem. I also found you had to re-apply this constantly throughout the day which inevitably made you look cakey.  So I give this...6.5/10 (I like this is all done in one step). *Sigh* Now tomorrow involves dragging the boyfriend downtown to return this. JOY!
Josie Maran Matchmaking Foundation- LOL don't even get me started on this. This is supposed to "magically" transform to fit your skin colour. I guess this could work...if you're orange or pasty white! Unfortunately not for a tan Filipino/Hispanic. 5/10 because the feeling of this is AMAZING but I don't want to look like an umpa-lumpa. 

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation- I'm using this right now and it's actually pretty ok. I don't like the finish of it though so I use the Maybelline one below to finish off the look and absorb excess oil. I like it but I don't love it and it can get really messy. 7.5/10

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder- Amazing at absorbing oil, but not the best coverage. Also the "darkest" colour is a little light for my skin. This is probably one of the best finishing products though! 7.5/10 as it is. 
Anyways, to end off this kind of sad post LOL here's my style inspiration in the form of one of my favourite youtubers! I really want to try studding my own denim jackets and she did an amazing job! She also has a blog (which she lists on her youtube) so I would definitely recommend checking her out!


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog :)

    I have combination skin too but I found Guerlain - lingerie du peau to work really nicely on my skin~ It's a little more expensive (like $50), but I just use a small dab and it makes my skin look amazing! Let me know if you try it and how it works for you :)

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    Btw, cool blog! New Follower :D

  3. wow, I love your blog!
    really nice post :)


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