Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just a Thought

March is finally here, and I seriously cannot wait for summer/spring! Pastel clothing, beautiful flowers, hot sunshine and no school! (except for the fact that I may have to do my internship over the course of 2 months but let's just pretend I didn't say that) Anyways, there's a bunch of things I think I want to do over my 4 month vacation and that starts with learning how to sew! To tell you the truth, I haven't actually used a sewing machine since I was like 8 (yeah, weird) because I was trying to sew together my favourite blanket to set aside in my memory box (where did that go? summer goal). Back to what I was saying, so yeah my mom sews a lot and she used to sew a bunch of things for me when I was younger. I really want to learn to make skirts, pants etc. on top of my DIY projects. Funny enough, this was actually suggested to me by my dad, which I guess is quite sweet. Anyways, I should be getting back to doing my essay so I'll leave you with just a few spring pieces I am dying to wear! (but cannot afford) xo!


  1. love this trend cannot wait till its warm enough for pastle pink/green shorts!
    great blog , now following
    mantenso xx

  2. Omg I totally agree! Tomorrow In Toronto will be 13 degrees so I feel spring is right around the corner! Also followed you, love the blog <3


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