Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Patio Weather

It is seriously boiling today here in Toronto and I'm currently contemplating whether or not I should made the excruciating trip to summer school. It just so happens that my class in smack dab in the middle of two stations so both choices entail me to make at least a 10 minute walk...JOY. Anyways, not to make this weather look like a total downer, yesterday my boyfriend and I headed to Harbour Front to enjoy the sunshine for some dinner on the patio! We ate at this restaurant called Bar Milano and enjoyed the outside weather near the water side. Thoughts: Would I eat there again? Probably not considering the prices were high and the selections for food few, but the experience was quite lovely and a little bit of quality time never hurt anyone! We also made our way around local downtown, Chinatown and Kensington Market. I absolutely love how multicultural this city is! So here's hoping you're all enjoying the weather and all! xo

The best I could do for an OOTD. It was seriously boiling so I opted on choosing a baggy Zara leather pocket tee, Zara denim shorts and accessories to match! I have this thing for gold...(if you couldn't tell before)
They were selling these incense sticks at Kensington Market. Most I was familiar with and some not so much...although "lucky Lottery" smelt awfully nice!
Kensington Bread and Dessert Bakery...heaven!
Couldn't leave without taking a pictures of the cookies I grew up with!
Perfect day for boating...except I would probably crash straight into the dock -.-
My veal sandwich...not that great to be honest but worth the experience and time with my boyfriend!
John's spicy ass pizza...seriously I couldn't even take one bite without reaching for the water! I don't know how he finished it!
Goodnight T.O.!


  1. You have really nice blog! I´m following you now =)

  2. Those cakes look lovely! I am rather jealous of the warm weather though- it is still pretty wintery in Scotland :)

    Sofi xx

  3. The sweets and pizza look so good!

  4. sounds like you had a great day with your bf, food looks really good :)

  5. gorgeous photos, i love your accessories and that food looks yummy x

  6. I want to go wander around Kensington market! I haven't been since last summer, love all the vintage shops.

  7. great photography love your bracelet
    new follower =)
    check out my blog in your spare time

  8. love the spike bracelet ♥ this pizza looks delicious!

    1. pizza was definitely too spicy but way too yummy to resist!


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