Sunday, 10 June 2012

All For The Best

So yesterday, my boyfriend and I headed downtown to the Eaton Centre to do some shopping for ourselves and loved ones. I was originally supposed to meet up with a seller yesterday for my Alexander McQueen Scarf but she ended up being a total and complete flop (kinda fishy). I have to admit, I was kind of upset but we soon realized my money could be better spent on a lot more smaller items. In reality, it was the price that first intrigued me about the scarf but after having some doubts, everything worked out in the end. I ended up getting two little rings that I thought were both unique and cute and I cannot wait to wear them! I will definitely have to get more silver jewellery pieces to match with my wolf ring but I don't mind! The one on the left is from Forever 21 and the one on the right is from Little Burgundy (I was really surprised at the pretty pieces they had). Anyways, have a lovely day readers, xo!


  1. I really love the ring from forever 21 :) xo

  2. Love the forever 21 ring :) I'm always trying to find a similar ring but they never seem to look good on me :( X

  3. i like the rings1 specially the blue one.

  4. Love the ring, the colours stunning!
    I'm now following you :)

  5. Hello! yor blog are very nice! You are beautyful!Please follow me and I will follow you too!

  6. Replies
    1. haha ty! I haven't worn it as often as I wanted though!

  7. love this rings! forever21 rock!

    love ur blog btw xoxo <3


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