Wednesday, 9 May 2012

And Tonight, I'm Cleaning Out My Closet

No, I am not talking about Eminem's old tune (although I think he was much better in his younger days), but I am talking about cleaning out that dreaded warp hole we all call our closet! For most, waking up in the morning and looking for the perfect outfit can be one of the worst parts of the day. You like your jeans, you hate your shirt. You have two great pieces, but it's cold out and you have to throw on that ugly sweater. And let's face it, we've all had days where this has happened:

But fear not! There are just a few things you can do to combat what may seem to be an extremely challenging task! Today, after being inspired by this beautiful weather we're having in Toronto, I am finally cleaning out my closet. I admit, I actually do not own a lot of clothes (one dresser and half a clothes rack to be exact) but I always find myself being bored with my clothes. So after a few tips from Lauren Conrad's book "Style" and various inputs from my friends and boyfriend, I am finally ready to tackle my closet and so can you!

1. Look for orphan pieces. These are pieces you bought long time ago and pretty much go with nothing in your closet. Maybe it's that old graphic shirt of Hello Kitty or a plaid shirt that just doesn't fit your style anymore. Anyways, get rid of it, it's most likely taking up room in your closet.

2. Stock up on basics. I cannot tell you how many basic shirts I own and various interpretations of the basic shirt. V-necks I find are the most flattering for women or low scoop necks. If you want to mix it up, find one with leather details or a tri-blend material (soo soft!)

3. Revamp it. If it fits well but it's too boring for you, consider doing a DIY project ie. studding or making it off the shoulder.

4. Sell it. If you're like me and broke as heck (currently living on two $5 bills my dad just gave me) then try selling the items (if they're in good condition!) Lots of websites like Kijiji or even groups on Facebook make it fun and fast!

5. If you can't part with it, put it away. I know this defeats the purpose of cleaning out a closet, but if you spent a lot of money on one thing or it has sentimental value for you it may not be time to give it away just yet. Stash it in a box, duffle bag or have a friend hold it for a month. If by the end of the month you didn't even want to wear it, it's most likely time to ditch it.

6. Ditch it. If something has a hole, stain, tear you can't get rid of, throw it away. Anything else, think about donating it! It's a little bit more rewarding and comforting that way! (Tip from Lauren Conrad's "Style")

7. Finally, when shopping for new clothes ask a sales associate to find something to match with it. Sometimes it's hard to like an item because we don't see it fully outfitted. Sales associates are there because they are fashion experts (most of the time) so I'm sure they'd be happy to find something trendy to go with that one shirt you're trying on (just let them know your sense of style). This may not be as true for places like Forever 21 but other stores like Aritzia or Club Monaco have a service where you can arrange to have a shopping session with an employee. You don't necessarily need to buy the whole outfit but it does help you think about what you already have and can match with it!

8. Be yourself. Try on clothes you know you will wear not hope you can rock one day. I know sometimes it's good to step out of your comfort zone, but when building a wardrobe start off with pieces you're comfortable with and then work up from there!


  1. wow! your blog is very lovely <3 i looked all posts and it isvery interesting :)


  2. These are such great tips. I Know the feeling of planning the outfit over night & in the morning it looks like crap lol. I just subbed. Sub Back?


  3. nice tips!!! i like Eminem in his younger days better too!

  4. Hahaha those comics are too funny/ too true!!!


    1. LOL I know! I laughed when I first saw them!


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