Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day & Night

So yesterday I finally had the chance to pick up a few items at Aritzia I've been eyeing for quite some time now and I must say, looking at them side by side I really cannot decipher my sense of taste. On the left side, I special ordered in this beautiful silk "Wilfred" lightweight camisole in an abstract/tribal print. I actually wanted this several months ago (with my boyfriend even offering to buy it for me right on the spot) but I reluctantly said no. Unfortunately, a few weeks later they were all sold out so I had to order this in again with a few weeks wait. So ladies (or gents) my biggest advice of the day for you is if you have the money it! I always make the dreaded mistake of thinking "ohhh...I'll just get it next time" and then BAM!* next time comes and it's sold out! Anyways, next on the right I also picked up this "Talula" oversized skull tank with low arm holes. As you can probably tell from my previous posts, I've outworn my white wolf tank and needed something different! I've actually wanted this since I worked at Aritzia but again...we sold out =.=" I love this tank though because it's edgy without being...uh scary LOL or too offensive. I recently ordered in spike bracelets so this will go perfect with it! Anyways, "big up's" to my lovely best friend Irene who have me a gift card to Aritzia for my birthday so that I could finally buy something (being the broke bhum I am)! Happy shopping readers, xo

1. Aritzia "Wilfred" Silk Camisole in Ocelot and 2. Aritzia "Talula" Skull Tank in Dark Grey/Black

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