Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hello Hydration

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope every is having a great day so far! Today I'm here with a post to talk about the Mac Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel. I absolutely love this product and for many good reasons too! Just to talk a little bit about my skin, I have combination skin meaning I'm very oily in my T-zone and then dry on the other parts of my face. So you can guess that it's extremely hard for me to find a moisturiser that doesn't feel like I've slapped on a heavy mask. However, after receiving a sample of this from MAC and one of my best friends buying me this for my birthday, I am so happy to say that I have finally found a product that works for my face! (and hopefully will work for yours too!)

What to look for at your local Mac store as well as its description on the MAC website:

"An ultra-light, gel-like cream that absorbs instantly to give the skin intense hydration. Infused with out exclusive Super-Chared Water technology, this formula leaves skin softer, more luminous. Use day or night."

So why should you purchase this? Let's way the pros and cons!

- No smell
- Quick absorption (fast and easy!)
- Works for all skin types (yes, even oily skin!)
- Good for sensitive skin (I use to have acne)
- Doesn't leave a greasy feeling on the skin
- Doesn't leave skin feeling tight
- Very light-weight and perfect for the summer
- Leaves skin obviously hydrated!

Note: I think the best thing about this product is the way it makes my make-up look. I own the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation and when initially buying it, I felt it was very dry on my face. However, the sales lady told me it was perfect for oily/combination skin. I tried using the moisturisers I had at home, but none looked as good with my make-up than the charged water gel. Even with my previous powders and foundations, this still gave my face a more flawless and softer look!

- A bit costly. On the website it sells for $44.50
- Not the greatest packaging. I rather have this as a pump although I guess this would be a good carry on item when travelling

Lastly, I suggest that if you're a bit hesitant to purchase this to try out a sample first. This way you can see hour your skin reacts to a new product as well as how it fits your make-up routine. Also Mac has a great return policy that allows you to return even a used product in 30 days with the receipt. Anyways, this is just my opinion on the product and I really hopes it encourages anyone and everyone to try it out at least once! Also, if you have any other recommendations for a good moisturiser I would love to hear about it! Happy shopping, xo


  1. Worth a try!
    Thanks for the review (:


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  4. wow great product review! my skin's always dry so i was looking for a good hydration cream. i would love to follow you, can we follow each other???


  5. Thanks for the great product review! I must try this!
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  8. Looks like a great cream to use. Thanks for the review xx


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