Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get Happy

So yesterday I went to a job interview at The Bay that my loving friend, Jacqui, helped me get hooked up with. I was so nervous but her manager was the nicest employer I have ever met! She was so sweet, funny and pretty much reminded me of my high school math teacher (which ended up relaxing me quite a lot). The interview wasn't very formal at all and she said all I have to do is come in next Tuesday and fill out an application form, check my references and they can officially give me a job at their company! Yay! I never really thought at working at The Bay before but I was not about to give up this opportunity to work with a close friend and make some extra cash. I really hope all goes smoothly as I seem to always have a tendency to predict the worst. Fingers crossed! So being the impulsive me, I was so happy at how the interview went, I decided to head to Aritzia (Bloor location) to buy a few things. Well, actually I was head to Zara to look at this military jacket I really wanted (I'll post the photo below) but was completely sidetracked. Oh well, it happens! Anyways, I went inside and ended up falling in love with a boyfriend fit denim shirt and linen shorts. Actually, the denim shirt was on my wishlist and I finally convinced my brother, Jeffrey, to buy it for my birthday! Yay, thanks Jeffrey! Anyways the girl who cashed me out was really nice and turned out to be the "famous" jewellery maker a lot of my managers talked about at Yorkdale. I loved their drop necklaces with a bullet at the end and found out she was the one who made them! (Sadly she said she was out of materials to make a new one). I really hope she sells her stuff because they're so nice! Anyways after all seeing an old co-worker who now works as the security guard for that Aritzia I finally headed out and went home. Good day all in all :) xo

Interview Outfit: 1. Aritzia "Talula" Navy Boyfriend Fit Blazer/ 2. Zara White Top (seen in previous post)/ 3. Zara Pink Pastel Pants (seen in previous post)/ 4. Michael Kors Gold Watch/ 5. Pink Floral Bracelet from Joe Fresh (bought off someone)

OOTD: 1. Aritzia "TNA" Boyfriend Fit Light Washed Denim Shirt/ 2. Aritzia "Wilfred" Brown Linen Shorts/ 3. Aritzia "Wilfred" Floral Bustier (not new)/ 4. ASOS Tortoise Boyfriend Watch (not new)
Lusting for: Zara Military Jacket with Black Leather Sleeves


  1. your interview outfit looks very cute, love the flower bracelet x

  2. oooh sounds like you absolutely rocked that interview :D the retail shopping definitely sounds like a good reward too. the rose bracelet is just so adorable!

  3. I have to say, I LOVE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE<3 I follow you now and thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely advice<3

    1. Awwies thank you so much (: That's so sweet! And np :) I cn't wait to follow you back :)

  4. Beautiful, I love this post!
    You have a very nice blog, I am your newest follower:) If you like my blog, you can follow back!

  5. Great buys! Love the blazer, and great that your brother bought you a nice b-day gift too <3

  6. I love the ZARA coat. I actually want to pop by the store soon to look at it :)
    Your blog header us very nice too btw. x


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