Thursday, 12 April 2012

Silk Road

Silk is one of my favourite fabrics to wear. It's so soft and luxurious looking but extremely difficult to take care of! Being the clutz and the messy eater I am, I always seem to have to take my shirts to the dry cleaners after every use. And can I just say, those dollar bills add up! I've tried washing them by hand and then steaming them myself and the results have been pretty much the same (still liking dry cleaning better though). Any tips on keeping silk nice and clean? Let me know! Till then here are just a few of my favourite silk items xo,


  1. What gorgeous garments! I love every single one. I don't have many silk items, but it's such a great fabric. Very comfortable though I get lazy and don't want to take them to the drycleaner or hand wash them :p

    1. haha thank you! And I feel the same I only wear them on special occasions!


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