Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What's In My Bag?

So I got this idea off a fellow blogger to do a "what's in my bag" post. Check her out at at Sleep and Water! Anyways my everyday bag is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Aidan Satchel. It originally cost over $500 but I used my 50% staff incentive at Aritzia and got this for half the price (the most math you'll ever see me do). The one thing that drew me in was the beautiful gold hardware detail and that it could be used as both a handbag as well as a shoulder bag (versatility at its highest)! It's extremely handy and practical, seeing as it is large enough for me to throw all my miscellaneous crap in, but still perfect for an evening dinner (just zipper that thing close and no one has to see that black hole of mess)! The one thing I guess I would say that I don't particularly enjoy is the fact that this bag can get quite heavy. Being the hoarder I am (yes, receipts and credit cards do add up) this bag can weigh you down quite a bit alongside the heavy hardware (I would never use this as a school bag! I really can't stand people who bring their Louis Vuitton to class). But if you're a "light load" kind of person, this bag would be an absolute closet staple for you! All in all, I love this bag and really could not live without it!


John Frieda Dry Shampoo- Holy grail right here. If your hair gets as messy and oily as mine in the summer this is the perfect little item to spray on to keep it dry, voluminous and smelling amazing!

TTC Cards & Debit Card- I always keep these separately away from my wallet/wristlet because they're the cards I use the most. Easy and fast!

House Key- Pretty standard to get into my house! Tip:Attach something colourful at the end of the keys if you always have a hard time finding them in your bag!

Canon Camera- I always have my camera with my in case I meet a celebrity (jokes)! But I do keep it in my bag because my New Years Resolution was to take more photos.

Mac Studio Fix Foundation- I juuuuussst bought this and am planning to do a review soon, but all I can say is that I love this product!

Forever 21 Heart Mirror- This is so useful especially when you have to do last minute fix ups or check if you have anything in your teeth. Plus this design is super cute!

LG Cellphone- UGHHHHHHH, it's so ugly and old but I really only need to it call people. Plus I'm broke so I can't afford a new one yet anyways LOL

Victoria Secret Endless Love Hand Lotion- Smells amazing and I always get compliments on it.

Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets- More so used in the summer, these things are amazing because they absorb excess oil off your face when needed. Seriously, they are amazing and I recommend these to anyone who struggles with oily/combination skin.

Geo Angel Contact Lenses- I obviously wear these but keep the contacts in my bag just in case they start to irritate me.

Water Bottle- I sometimes have a canteen but I can't find it at the moment. I ALWAYS carry water mainly because I'm so scared of choking to death LOL (it's honestly like a phobia)! Plus I hate spending money on drinks when I'm eating. Always keep hydrated!

Comb- Yup, living in Toronto means that the weather is always changing and you always gotta keep your hair looking good!

Lip Balm- My lips are always dry so this is perfect to moisturise!  

Coach Wristlet-
Note: This is the worst place to keep your cards and money! I have a ton of cards and none of my wallets had enough space to hold them! Therefore, I switched to a wristlet thinking it could hold more. WRONG! I feel like such a doofus frantically searching for the right card or the coins at the bottom of this thing as the cashier rolls their eyes at me. It's too much of a nuisance to look for things and I can't wait to buy a new wallet!

Ipod- Mine is like 16 GB and I haven't even used half of it! The perfect tool to ignore people you don't want to talk to or just to chill and relax!


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  2. your bag definitely seems neater than mine :)


  3. Loooveee your bag! I was thinking of getting the Baby Aiden, I just adore the shape - it's so cute but classic at the same time. Seems we carry a few similar items :) I think carrying your camera around is a really good idea, you never know when you might need it and having a resolution to take more pictures sounds like a really good way to encourage creativity :)

    1. haha we do have a lot in common! Thanks for the idea on the post :)

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  5. wow...ur bag is very adorable,,its interesting to know whats in ur bag^^
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  6. You're like me, or like any women, I think : we take our home with us in our bag!!! You don't know what will happen during the day ;D
    Kiss sweetie

  7. Great bag! I've been considering getting the same one.

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  10. I love this bag!

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  13. so smart to carry a comb! My hair gets tangled so easily sometimes it just doesnt even move anymore haha!
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