Monday, 30 April 2012

Plugged In

Today as I ventured over to my boyfriend's house in the pouring rain (this time I was fully prepared...outfit wise) I happened to stumble on a subway cart that seemed to be filled with people listening to their iPods. I sat down, as per usual, and scrambled through my own messy hand bag in hopes to find something to listen to. Of course I found my earphones (once again caught in a tug of war with my keys) and after finally winning that embarrassing fight, I was able to blast the good old songs of Jessie McCartney ( was only one song). So there I was, just like the rest of them, eyes open, ears pulsing, fingers furiously finding a better song, but I couldn't help but be reminded of a lecture I once had in my Science Fiction course. In the words of my very nerdy professor, "Has the world become too plugged in?"
I mean, I wouldn't go so far as to say all of humanity has become somewhat "cyborg-like" but I must admit, the idea haunts me. In a world where technology has developed immensely (I mean to the point where they can clean your house, give you directions to the nearest grocery store, and for heck sakes even play Jeopardy!) don't you think we've lost some sort of presence in our own lives? I stared across the trains and watched as the blank-eyed boy sat motionlessly looking at the window at really just...nothing. It was almost like he wasn't there. I get it, I too have fallen victim to daydreaming because of music (sometimes I'm rapping next to Eminem) but I'm starting to see the resemblance of technology to a kind of very accessible opiate. It can numb us to the point where we can miss the small things in life and for me personally, I'd like to savour every moment.
Knowingly, I'm probably reading into this and my immense amount of boredom and chocolate milk has lead me to this rambling post but I'd like to think I made my point clear. Anyways I think I will go get another cup of that goood stuff and head off to sleep. So here's reminding you to give yourself the luxury of plugging out. TIP: Studies have shown shutting off all radios, televisions, iPods, and even the lights an hour before you sleep can help you have a better night's rest. Also cover all televisions with some sort of cloth, it will make the room as dark as possible. Lastly pick up a book, meditate and relax, the world can wait. xo


  1. hahaha... you people with your ipod! i don't have one though. just cus i have my phone already. Jesse McCartney is awesome !

    1. LOL I agree..I have 2 songs on my iPod! haha

  2. thanks for the comment! already following xx


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