Thursday, 19 April 2012


...and it feels so good! (refer to title for what seems to be a random insert) Yesterday a few of my friends and I headed over to Masa, a sushi restaurant found near Bay and Bloor, for some all-you-can-eat dinner. It was great seeing them as many of them go to universities outside the city or far enough that I'd probably get lost trying to find my way there (it might as well be outside the city). We had all-you-can-eat sushi, Japanese dishes and our waitress was even kind enough to give us free ice-cream on the house! (which pretty much resulted in a big tip and more than the cost of our ice cream) I would definitely recommend this place to other people although the lowest priced menu has a lot less options than the step up! After that we all headed downtown to sit and conversed about old high school memories. Time seriously does fly! But I'm still so happy to be friends with such amazing people :) Till next time, xo

OOTD: 1. Aritzia "TNA" Light Washed Denim Shirt/ 2. Aritzia "Talula" Low Arm Tank Wolf Shirt/ 3. American Apparel Black Nylon Leggings/ 4. Aritzia "Talula" Lace Bandeau/ 5. H&M Two Tier Triangle Necklace/ 6. Michael Kors Gold Watch/ 7. Aldo Suede Heels


  1. is it weird I belt out the "Reunited" song as soon as I saw the title? rofl

  2. love the outfit!

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    1. Thanks babe and for sure I will :) I'll even follow :)

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  4. love the outfit! looks amazing! xx

  5. Yummy!!
    Great outfit dear and thanks for your comment!
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  7. All that sushi! Looks so yum! Love your blog by the way, def following! :)

  8. Like all of your outfit ! It's great !
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  9. Love your style. Following back xoxo

  10. Really love this amazing look ! Perfect jacket, nice shoes and gorgeous necklace. Kiss x

  11. Love this casual outfit. And that song. I feel like it's one of those universal songs that everyone can be connected by. And the fact that "Peaches and Herb" sings it is priceless.


  12. the food looks absolutely amazing. you have a lovely blog! i love your hair, and love your photos. great feature posts, and i enjoyed looking, and i am now following you via google AND bloglovin. i'd love to stay connected with you on both--it's great getting inspirations from other bloggers. cheers!



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