Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Materialistic Mind

So there are a bunch of things on my xmas things that I want...but sadly cannot afford. So here's to depending on Santa for some pretty gifts for a good girl :) P.S. All of these items can be found at Aritzia!

1. To the right. I really want the Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket in "dark tan" from Aritzia. But even with my employee discount we're still looking at over $ 400 bucks. >_<

2. What else do I want? A silk slip. Long are the days where these pieces are worn only in the privacy of your own bedroom...or those of others and here are the days where yes, you can wear them out in public without looking trashy! Use them under sweater dresses (I just bought the Erin sweater from Aritzia and this would go perfectly) or simply as a dress! Mind you this colour is pretty sheer, so dress appropriately.

3. Chevalier Blazer in Double Crepe. I seriously don't even know if this will fit me but it looks so pretty on the hanger! Will def make an effort to try this on on Friday.

4. The Nerisa Blouse- okay I actually love this piece but we're all out of my size :'( Guess I'm ordering it in!

5. Denim jackets. Not this one in particular (I've tried it on and it is waaayy to big even though it's an XXS) but I would love one in a dark blue and light blue :) 

6. I need new "drapey" pants, y'know like the harem ones. The ones I bought last year are a size 2 and are now too big for me! I'm opting for new black ones or a dark green/brown. I love the string on this though.

7. Picault Terry Pant. I have a thing for sweatpants now and I would love these in a dark green! Anyways I just bought a pair similar to these (being one size too big) so I'll have to try em on to see if I love them.


  1. oh I love the silk slip! but it's such a pain to wear silk for me because it gets dirty so fast and it's so hard to clean:( especially when oil gets splattered on it!

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  2. same with me! and dry cleaning is such a pain :'(


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