Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Heels over Head

So I have been looking for fall boots I can wear that won't completely destroy my feet and have been eyeing these for a while now! However, after seeing 2 of my fellow co-workers at Aritzia wear them for 9 hours straight and tell me that they're fairly comfortable, I decided to buy them. Anyways, my boyfriend and I went to Aldo and low and behold they were on sale! Amazing! So instead of paying $120, they were on sale for about $55 and I got an additional $5 off with an in-store promotion. Oh and did I mention I actually didn't spend anything on these guys? John decided to buy me them as an early Christmas gift :) So sweet! 


  1. I was literally clicking around fashion blogs and somehow ended up on your blog! Hello, fellow Aritzia employee :) I have those same shoes, but I got them from Little Burgundy for only $40! Although... the price was a mistake listed on their website, but since I saw it, they had to honour it. Such a huge score :) And you are right - SOOO COMFY!!!

  2. omgosh really!? that's an ammmaaazing deal! (haha I shouldn't tell my bf that) anyways definitely following you, love your posts xo,


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