Saturday, 31 December 2011

Currently Loving

Ugh, so again I haven't been on this in quite a while, but for good reason! Again, I've been swamped with work at Aritzia, but also because I wanted to post up what I bought for boxing day and what I got for Christmas! Anyways, in terms of the things I bought from boxing day...well the thing is I never really went shopping (by the time I ended work everything was closed!) and in terms of Christmas, I've gotten a few things but my boyfriend and I are exchanging gifts tomorrow! (we wanted to do it after boxing day) so yeaaah, I'll upload everything by the end of this week :) Oh yeah, and I did buy a few things from the previous post below! But I've already worn them and they are now in the wash...I'll take pictures of them when they're nice and clean! Yay!

Anyways, what this post is supposed to be about is what I am currently looooving! And that is *drum roll please* COLOURED DENIM! (yawn) Yah, I know I'm pretty late with this trend but I never really got into them until the Rag & Bones denim came in! They're hella soft and the hue is great on them! And I guess I never really got into them because I never found the right one (I tried on the J Brands and Citizens and didn't like them). So yeah, I definitely want a pair! I'm thinking of getting them in teal, hunter green or red/maroon but can't decide. Plus (yes again) most of my sizes are gone! :'( And this week is my last week at Aritzia so I want to get them soon! Ahhh, I hope someone returns them or we get them restocked! Fingers crossed!  HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

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