Thursday, 6 September 2012

Trinkets & Things

Just came back from a hectic day at work and decided to share with you guys two new little trinkets I recently purchased and received! The first is a brass bullet and quartz necklace that I bought off a personal business in Vancouver. I absolutely love this necklace because it's so unique! I have to admit though, the finishings on it are not the nicest or the cleanest (the person who made these ran out of the regular quartz size and had to carve a larger size to fit the bullet chain) but I think I can overlook it. Actually, I think its flaws make that much more rustic and unique (trying to sound optimistic here!) Anyways, the second thing I bought is a Hamsa hand gold bracelet bought and made all the way from Korea. I actually bought it off Etsy, and seeing as it was my first purchase from there, I can say I am quite pleased! Again, its only real flaw is that the chain is quite thin and fragile but nothing I can't overlook. Really happy with my purchases and as you can tell by my's time for some rest and relaxation! xo

Brass Bullet and Quartz Necklace
Hamsa Hand Gold Bracelet

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