Monday, 17 September 2012

Bag It

The love I have for this bag is insubstantial! I am seriously considering buying one of these puppies over my Alexander McQueen scarf but let's be realistic here for a moment or two...I am most likely not going to be able to afford this bad boy until a couple more pay checks! I can't really afford to make a huge purchase at the moment, and if I did it would probably be towards a 5 pound textbook. Anyways I still have to make the big decision of what colour I want so I guess that buys me some time. I already have a black and gold hardware bag but I feel that the first one would be the safest choice of them all. On the other hand though I do really like the burgundy bag (it was my first choice) but I'm scared I'l get sick of the colour. And lastly there's the nude/pink one. I love love love this colour as it is so feminine but I feel that it's just too much of a trend piece. I'll probably grow tired of the pastel hype pretty soon! Oh well, a girl can admire from a far. Which would you choose? Let me know! xo


  1. The burgundy is actually my fave among the three! However, there's no doubt that the black and nude could be worn year-long because of how neutral it is. Looking forward to seeing your pick :)

  2. Hello! I stumbled onto your blog somehow... but I just wanted to say that this bag is super cute! What brand is it? Also, I know that black is a safe color but I would totally go with the Burgundy. Did you end up buying the bag yet, and what color did you pick? I've started following your blow btw! Hope you can do more postings soon! :)



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