Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fall Frenzy

Okay, I blame no one but myself for the fact that I am broke! Being a university student, I am totally hoping my OSAP will kick in soon so I can buy some of the textbooks that I am in desperate need of (I thought it was supposed to be in by now but my plan clearly backfired). My pay day is tomorrow and I can already say that all most of it will be going to my already maxed out visa (thank God my limit is very low). So why am I so broke? I think the photos below already explain that! Oh well, until next time happy shopping studying xo

From left to right: Urban Outfitters Graphic Tank, Aritzia "Wilred" Woven Scarf, Aritzia "Wilfred" Cabash Pants in Breen, Brandy Melville Oversized Knit Cardigan, Bullet and Quartz Necklace (seen below), Zara DIT frayed shorts, Aritzia "Wilfred" Black Castel Sweater
Urban Outfitters Tank. No idea what this says but I just loved it!
Brandy Melville is my all time new favourite shop in Toronto! It's located on Queen Street and it's exactly my style. Def worth checking out!
Aritzia "Wilfred' Woven Scarf. Yes, I'm aware I have this in the other colour but I absolutely adore this one! Can't wait to wear it this fall.
Horrid photo but here are my Zara DIY frayed shorts. Took me a while to do them and there's a biiig mistake on it (that's what happens when you cut TOO much) but I'm actually very proud of my little piece.


  1. Fall is my favorite season! I know how you feel about being a broke student! haha. I love the Brandy Melville sweater. (:


  2. I love the fall season, neither too hot or too cold - perfect! Love your shorts, you did really well x

  3. These are all perfect, definitely worth being broke for!

  4. Love these! :)


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