Thursday, 30 August 2012

Keeping Busy On A Rainy Day

Hey lovelies! So the weather in Toronto has been quite strange to say the least. It's cold one day, raining the next and then scorching the following morning. What's up Mother Nature? However...I can't reaaaally complain since it was actually thanks to the rain that I decided to cross off something off my DIY list. Yup, that's right...DIY bracelets! I have to admit, I think I had much more fun finding and choosing the perfect beads than I did actually making the bracelet but I already have so many ideas in my head for my next little project that I just can't sit still! Anyways, here's some pictures of the first one I ever made. It's a simple black bead bracelet with silver stopper and a silver skull to go with it. I'm planning to make another one with all silver beads and a silver skull to help accent it and make both of them part of a set! Until next time, happy crafting readers xo


  1. where did you find the beads!!! :O

  2. its a place near yonge and davisville in toronto :)! I think it's called CL beads!


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