Thursday, 21 August 2014


With time slowly winding down before my one month vacation has finally ended, I have decided to take it upon myself to a 30 day challenge in order to improve not only my overall body and fitness but also other aspects of my life as well.

As I wandered around Indigo, meticulously looking between pre-teen covers of vampires and science-fiction heartthrobs and trying not to be obvious as I drifted back and forth to the romance section, I finally came across the peaceful self-help area of the store. Being quietly tucked away behind the crowded Starbucks cafĂ©, this lovely little place distracted me for most of my time waiting for a call from a friend. Truthfully, I didn't know what to expect (maybe people in pretzel yoga stances or prayer beads?) but I found it comforting finding both men, women and people of every age surveying the shelves.
                                   Great, maybe I wasn't the only one needing a little self-help!

With that little enlightenment, I came across the book "The Happiness Project" and after reading a few pages, I contemplated what really did make me happy in life- good friends, a loving relationship, financial stability, a happy household, successful at my job- well the list goes on. But how do we get there and more importantly, how do we sustain it?

I think it is rather difficult and in fact, misleading to think of happiness as an end goal and I think this is what the author was getting at in her book. In order to be happy, we need to set small, attainable goals that will contribute to our happiness rather than get us to the imaginary promise land of "happiness."

And as a result of this, I have decided to take a 30 day challenge not as a way to always assess what makes me happy, but to document what does and then go from there. In all honestly, a large part of this will be related to beauty, mind and fitness as this is where a large part of my time and energy goes into. However with my looming job hunting over the horizon, I know it will expand into much more important parts of my life.

The point of this is to kick start my mind and body into a happier and healthier life. So have fun and enjoy the ride with my as I share with you my journey to find my little brightsides! xo

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