Thursday, 7 August 2014


Writing can be a difficult task for anyone, but with university life only a couple months behind me, I am currently stuck in that "academic, must find reliable sources" phase. I am currently tackling a new project for a non-profit organization I work for and with this new task, I have the amazing opportunity to write a children's book that will be sold at the store front. But how can I possibly move from being chastised for using "I" to now writing solely from a child's point of view? With time and practice I tell you. With this new experience, I finally took the time yesterday to head out to my neighbourhood's Starbucks to sit down and write out my thoughts. Here's what I decided to wear on the lovely sunny Toronto day!

I haven't had the chance to wear shorts this season and it was great busting out an old pair from Urban Outfitters. I paired them with a silk top and bandeau from Aritzia, a camo jacket also from Urban Outfitters and my new Zara flats. My flats are actually proving to be very comfortable but my heels do tend to stick out a lot. Oh well, c'est la vie!
I absolutely love pairing edgy, street clothes with more dainty, feminine pieces. I chose to pair my camo jacket with a soft silk tank from Aritzia to add some contrast and texture. To make the outfit even more interesting, I added a pink lace bralette underneath to peek out from my silk top. Paired with my Casio watch, it was a perfect blend of my favourite styles.

My mind was exploding with new ideas for the book but nothing sounded quite right when it appeared on my laptop screen. I tend to have this habit to over doubt myself and this time wasn't any different. But I guess this is how all writers feel sometimes. After submitting the "roughest of rough drafts" I proceeded to second guess why I even sent it in the first place. But I believe now that half the battle of writing, is having the guts to press "send" and wait for feedback. So that is what I am doing. Do you have any tips for first time writers? Let me know, xo


  1. I saw the wilfred shirt and I immediately thought you were from Vancouver! The way you pair your edgy pieces with feminine is actually such a great idea, I don't see it a lot and it looks amazing on the outfit you created here! GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BOOK! Try browsing through reddit on the topic you want to write about, there's so many interesting and random ideas there that I'm sure you'll be able to go on a writing rampage and get through any mental block! So many of the popular topics there would be great short stories too if you're looking for writing exercises.

    1. Ah you are wonderful! Thank you for the amazing ideas! I will definitely check that out now :) xo

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