Wednesday, 3 September 2014


What female (or male for the matter- no gender discrimination here) hasn't had to battle with the breakouts on their face at least once in their life? From weather change, to hormones to using the wrong products, there are many reasons as to why skin can become irritated and over time, can begin to lose its brightness and texture. Over the course of my life, I have always struggled with acne prone/oily skin and it was only recently did I discover that my skin was also dehydrated. So what does that mean? Well not only was my skin oily on the dreaded T-zone but it also meant that my skin was also very flakey and appeared dry when I woke up. In order to combat this, I decided that instead of covering myself up with more make up (which let's be honest, would only make matters worst) I would address the issue of my skin first and therefore, work from the outside in (or from the under on). And with that in mind, I headed to my local Sephora to scope out a few new products.

The one thing I always appreciate and genuinely admire in a sales associate is honesty. I'm sure we would all much rather have someone tell us the truth about the way we look, then being suckered into buying something that would never work for us in the present or near future (I'm talking about you Aritzia). Luckily, honesty is exactly what I got from the sales associate at Sephora at Fairview Mall. Not only was she informative, but unlike other workers, she didn't try to sugarcoat the truth behind some of Sephora's beauty products. She not only told me which products would probably break me out due to high return rates from customers but she always went on to talk about her job and what she really wanted to do with her life. Building trust with clientele is extremely important in the customer service industry, and because of this, I trusted her to find me the best products for my face. And here is what they are:

Make Up Forever HD Foundation: This product is an absolute joy to have on my face now that the weather is cooling down and there are little signs of humidity lingering around Toronto. I don't think I could use this makeup too much in the summer, as it is a liquid foundation and will most likely to cause my skin to become more oily. However, this foundation is wonderful as it blends easily and covers up a lot of redness on my cheeks. I like applying this product on with a sponge as it gives me the most coverage and then finishing it off with a light dusting from my MAC powder. I have to say however, I am not use to wearing liquid foundation and have soon found white clothing to be my ultimate kryptonite...but all beauty comes with a price right? Regardless, I am happy that in no way shape or form does this look too cakey or overdone and it is a great substitute for my MAC concealer that was just way too runny and looking! Overall rating: 8/10

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser: I have always enjoyed Fresh products due to their natural ingredients and minimalist packaging and this item is no exception! It does a pretty good job of taking off my makeup but works AMAZINGLY with my Clarisonic. Not only does it help to make my skin feel soft in the morning, but the product really stands up to its name by leaving it looking fresh and hydrated as well! Upon initial application, it doesn't feel to strip away the dirt but in the morning, it is evident that the formula really gets underneath your skin and cleans away all impurities. Definitely worth a repurchase! Overall rating: 9/10 (I took away points because the bottle goes by quickly and it is costly at $18.50 for some a small bottle)

Sephora 8 Hour Mattifying Moisturizer: I first discovered this product on my trip to Orlando, Florida. I had been previously using Fresh's Umbria Clay Lotion but due to its high price, a sales associate from Sephora allowed me to sample this. I love the consistency of the product and it does really help my skin become more matte and stay oil free for most of the day. It isn't too hydrating, obviously, which is fine since I apply an oil on for moisture at night (more on that in my next post). Overall, decent product for a decent price! Can't go wrong with that! Overall rating: 7.5/10

I hope you all learned something new about these products! Having used all 3 products for about 2-3 weeks now, I can definitely say I can see an improvement in my face. If you have any other products you can think of that would work well for my skin or are great alternatives, let me know! Till then, love yourself, xo

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