Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pleather Weather

Shopping habits sure die hard even when one does not work very often (and when I mean very often I mean hardly...and when I mean hardly I mean that my job even failed to pay me for my last paycheque hence I am broke...but who's counting?) Anyways, I thought I'd reward myself for a job well done for completing my two midterms and two successful lessons plans (oh did I mention I'm voluntarily teaching? More about that later). Conclusively, I felt I deservec a little something something. And what best way to reward myself for feeling good, by looking the part as well! Happy shopping everyone, xo

The love I have for this lovely store. Decided to take a side route yesterday after school and drop into a local mall for some quick shopping. Safe to say, there are no regrets!

I am so happy I came across this cute little pleather skirt. I've been on the hunt for a really nice one and this one definitely does not disappoint! It's a little loose for me on the waist, but not too loose that it falls down (besides, I think I'll be tucking something into it when the weather becomes cooler).

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