Saturday, 11 May 2013

I Sound Sadder Than I Actually Am

The course of retail never did run smooth...said no one ever. But as I fold the never ending array of Calvin Klein seamless thongs and other lace contraptions that make me cringe as a young adult woman, I can't help but wonder where my life is going at this job. Obviously, this isn't my life career (having said that big brownie points to me for surviving my 4th year in university!), but even for the time being, why am I spending time at an occupation in which I have no joy or interest in doing? If life is indeed this "short" as people proclaim, shouldn't I be indulging myself in something that will provide me with happiness, even if that something is a part-time job to pay for my shopping habits? Regardless, I can't say I'm sad, because well life is too beautiful to have such an outlook! But I do admit, I hope I can find something a little more substantial and perhaps even connected to my future career of teaching young children. Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and doing something that they love! Till next time, I must now go get ready to unpack more CK underwear out of countless brown boxes xo

Just a little something something that has been glued to my ears since...well yesterday :D

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  1. Oh honey, unpacking underwear from totes is a reality too close to home! I know how you feel :(! But keep your head up because you will take off soon.
    Stay positive!



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