Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hey lovelies, so I'm here today with yet another food post! Yay! Anyways, yesterday was the perfect day to enjoy a Summerlicious dinner with some great friends. We found this cute little French restaurant online in the middle of nowhere, and thought, "heck yeah let's give that a try!" And now looking back at this experience, I can honestly say I have no regrets (even if it looked like we were dining in a scene from Dirty Dancing Havana style and the table cloth could have possibly swaddled a Hebrew baby). The food was yummy, the service was friendly and the company was obviously amazing! I can't help but to appreciate these friends, because no matter how busy we are we always make time for each other. It really makes me happy to know I can count on these guys to have an awesome time! So here's hoping you indulge a little in something you've never tried before. After all, you deserve it! xo

Summerlicious Menu! We had a 3 course dinner for $25...not bad!
"Are we in Cuba? Nope, just in the back shed patio."
Waiting patiently for our food while stressing over the mechanics of school 
The best mother-effing Caprese salad
Risotto craving satisfied. Check!
My first Creme Brulee! Really sweet but really yummy :)

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