Thursday, 23 January 2014

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

My last semester at university has finally begun and despite piles of readings, assignments and tests coming my way, I am surprisingly at ease. I mean this may have to do with the fact that "crunch time" has only recently begun and I am currently neglecting that 4 page essay I need to complete by next week...but then again I'd like to think of this sense of tranquility as the result of the growths I've made over the past couple of weeks.I mean, who knew working out could be a mood enhancer? (SARCASM: we all knew this) or that eating healthier has really improved my ability to stay concentrated and positive? (*face palm*)

I can't say that I've necessarily made working out a daily routine, but I can definitely say I've been listening to my body more often and reassessing what actions I should be taking to help improve my health. For anyone who hasn't tried hot yoga, I urge you to get yourself a mat, a water bottle and go out and try it! Sure I'm still the student at the back of the class unable to do 50% of the moves properly (kudos to the girl always at the front of the class who has the power to shape shift into a pretzel...your boyfriend thanks you) but the feeling I get after sweating profusely and arching my back lower than the London Bridge is absolutely wonderful. It's the sense that yes, you did do something lovely for your body and you appreciate yourself enough to put it through a reflective yet intensive workout. And sure, I may be the girl who only does cardio at the gym, half avoiding the scary weight machines with guys keep reminding each other that it's "leg day" but at least I am getting my heart rate up and building my confidence to actually go to the gym. And next week? Yup, I'm doing trampoline classes.

To say that university life has been anything but eventful would be a mistake. It has been filled with long nights, hot lattes and countless times of just wanting to give up. But I have learned a lot from these experiences. If I want something, I have to work at it. If I want to be a teacher, I have to work for it. If I want to be a good person, I need to work on it. Everything requires work...but without it, our life would be pretty dull.

So blame it on my 6:00 p.m. soy green tea latte but I think I'll take the rest of the night to watch a good movie. I deserve it, I've worked for fact for 11 hours today. Time to give my mind a rest, and work on being peaceful xo,

Studying about stress while experiencing it when studying for the upcoming test...that's what I call real life application! Plus I'm pretty sure this type of photo is a rite of passage as a university student.

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